Sunday , 16 August 2015
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T-Mobile’s $30/month Unlimited Data Plan

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T-Mobile $30 per month unlimited data plan is a great choice: Let me start by asking a question to all my lovely readers, “For what purpose, do you use your phone?” Probably the answer will be to make calls to your friends and family members. But let me remind you all that in today’s time the so called devices, “Phones” ... Read More »

Exclusive Deals Between Carriers and Manufacturers; They’re Bad But They Still do it


Exclusive Deals Between Carriers and Manufacturers: While HTC is starting to understand that exclusive deals between carriers and manufacturers is a bad thing for its brands and sales, most other OEM’s are still happily making exclusive deals with the carriers. When will they learn that this is bad for them? Read More »

Verizon To Offer Cloud Storage; Backup Solution


Recently there’s been some big hype around the movement to cloud storage solutions and although there are already a vast array of Cloud Services to choose from with some major players such as Dropbox, and Google Cloud people still seem to worry about their personal, private and often confidential data. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available from Verizon for Pre-Order


Today Verizon proved they could actually stick to their word and have now listed the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the very popular Galaxy line. Verizon have now put them up for pre-order on their own site, which is actually a little slower than some other distributors such as Best Buy, who beat them to the listings by only a few ... Read More »

Verizon to Spend $100 Billion to Buy Out Vodafone’s Stake


It might come as a surprise to you to learn that Vodafone own 45% of Verizon, which you all know to be the largest wireless carrier in the US. Who are Vodafone? Well, readers in Europe and Australia will know the name well but, in this context they’re a fantastically large International Wireless Giant that has stakes in wireless companies ... Read More »

Ultra Mobile to Introduce $19 Calling Plan with Unlimited Internation SMS


Ultra Mobile are about to introduce a new calling plan. The plan seems to be aimed at people on a tight budget so if you’re one of those, trying to keep in touch with family and friends who live, work or travel abroad you may be happy to know that Ultra Mobile is bringing a plan out for you! The ... Read More »