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66 Amazing Commands to Use with Google Now


; Google Now Commands; 66 Google Now Commands you may not have known: Google Now has been around for quite some time now, but its been brought to Google’s attention that hardly any of the features are used. The main feature that is being report as not being used is the commands you can actually use through Google Now. Read More »

Latest Google Play Receives Another Update: Find it Here (APK V 4.0.27)

Google Play Store Logo

As is pretty common when it comes to releases of the Google Play Store app, there are multiple changes that follow the initial release. Version 4 of the Play Store hit not too long ago with its drastic departure from the old black and green look to something more like Google Now. Read More »

Google Stopping App’s from Updating Themselves, you Too Facebook !

Google Play Store Logo

The Play Store has undoubtedly matured in the past few years, since graduating from the Android market and it now offers all manner of content. At the heart of it all though, are the apps, and nowadays developers are constantly tweaking, fixing bugs, revamping features and more. Read More »

Remember the Milk Updated with New User Interface


One of the most popular To-Do apps, “Remember The Milk” has just received a huge update and has now been released on the Play Store.  It has a completely re-designed user interface which will greatly improve the experience. Read More »

One of the Longest Betas Finally Closes, Swype Now Available in the Play Store


For as long as I can actually remember Swype has been in beta phase and in all honesty I expected it to stay that way forever. It seems that GMail is the only software program that had a Beta open longer. For those that already use Swype, don’t get excited; there isn’t anything especially different with the new one. Effectively it’s ... Read More »

Google Glass Code Hints at Head and Eye Gesture Controls


When you look at the bigger picture technology and namely smartphones have only just given us the ability to use finger-based gesture controls. It also hasn’t been a great deal of time since phones became sophisticated and did more than just calls and lets not forgot SNAKE! With Google Glass somewhere in the near future we may already be moving ... Read More »

Netflix to Offer Four Simultaneous Streams for $11.99


Members of Netflix who share their login information with their family and friends may at same point have run into the “2 stream cap”. At the moment Netflix users are able to stream content on only two devices at any one time. If you try to stream to more than two, you’ll be denied viewing until someone stops streaming content. Read More »

Twitter Shuts down TweetDeck for Good


Twitter recently revealed that it was going to close the TweetDeck appliation on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has now been confirmed that the app hasn’t got much much life left, as Twitter has now fully confirmed that the application will be fully shut down for good on or by the 7th of May. After ... Read More »

Facebook Home not Taken off as Expected


Facebook Home has just entered the 500k downloads mark on Google Play. The Platform was launched on April 16th and it took Facebook Home around a week to receive 500k downloads. Facebook Home isn’t necessarily an “App” as such but more of a User-Interface (a.k.a Launcher). The aim of Facebook home was to try and make Facebook the central point of the Android experience. Read More »

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