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Incognito Apps from Cyanogen Mod; Protecting your Privacy

Incognito Apps Cyanogen Mod

  Incognito Apps on the way from CyanogenMod; Recently we heard some rumors that AOSP Android would be getting some improved security features, including a unique incognito apps which would be ideal for when guests use a device. Steve Kondik, of the CyanogenMod team is now working on something similar for the famed custom Android software. More specifically, he wants to create some ... Read More »

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne will bring WOW factor


Gameloft’s  Asphalt 8: Airborne racing game is a cheap package of full fun: All Racing fans now better be ready for a new racing experience with Gameloft. The Gameloft has officially confirmed the next installment of their Asphalt series the “Asphalt 8: Airborne”.The Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne is set for summer release and will cost only $0.99 which will definitely ... Read More »

Google Announces Purchasing of Waze

  Waze all snapped up by Google; Google confirmed earlier today that their purchase of Waze has completed. Essentially, as many predicted, Waze will operate independently while supplying Google Maps updated traffic information. So, not much is going to change except for the incorporation of traffic features into Google’s services. As we covered here, Apple also had a go at ... Read More »

New Evernote Update brings “Reminders” and More!


Evernote Update brings Reminders, Amongst other features; The famous “Evernote” app is widely used and is one of the “Must have” apps you can find for your Smartphone. Evernote had a major update of adding “Reminders (Alarms)” for its iOS, Mac and Web users. Unfortunately Android was missing this update. And now after two weeks, this update knocked at the ... Read More »

Stock Keyboard from Google Available as a Download! Find it here

Stock Google Keyboard

  Stock Keyboard from Google available as a download: You know that stock keyboard that comes on your Nexus device with Android 4.2? Yeah the one with gesture typing and everything. It’s now available in the Play Store as a stand alone app. Which means anyone can download and use this keyboard, as if it were SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy or any ... Read More »

Flickr Making a Come Back; 1TB of FREE Cloud Picture Storage

Flickr Cloud Storage

  Flickr Cloud Picture Storage (1TB!); Yahoo just had their Flickr press conference where they unveiled some new features for Flickr, their photo sharing site. With the hopes of making Flickr “Awesome again”. Well they may have just done just that. Read More »

Smart App Challenge; Samsung Offering $800,000 in Prizes to Ten Winners


 Smart App Challenge by Samsung: Samsung is holding a contest for developers that will award 10 entrants a total of $800,000 in prize money along with some company specific benefits. The stipulation is that ‘Smart App Challenge 2013’ entrants must use the Samsung Chord SDK. The Chord SDK allows Samsung devices to connect wirelessly without any additional servers or networks. ... Read More »

Windows YouTube App Slammed; Google Demands it’s Removal

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

Windows YouTube App: Amidst all the news coming out of Google I/O there was another exchange between Google and Microsoft, this time centered around YouTube, the money-making content hub that Google have owned for years now. Microsoft updated their YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 devices last week, and Google are not pleased with it. Not one bit. In fact, ... Read More »

Facebook Home Support Expanded: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and More


Facebook Home Support Expansion: Many called Facebook a dying fad when the site went public and didn’t turn out to be the big moneymaking product everyone expected it to be. As one of the big pioneers in social media, the company turned to the drawing board only to come back with it’s newest free app, Facebook Home. Facebook Home has ... Read More »

Helium Backup Replaces Carbon; Trademark Issues

Helium App Logo (Previously Carbon)

  Helium Backup; Formerly Carbon Backup: Carbon Backup (Helium Backup) is hands down a brilliant app. Koush the developer behind it isn’t a one trick pony either, some of you may know Koush from Apps such as ClockWorkMod and ROM Manager, I’ve personally used all three. His newest inspiration is to provide a simple and efficient way for users to ... Read More »

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