Saturday , 8 February 2014
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Get your HTC One Senseless With only a Few Steps (Google Play Edition)

HTC One Senseless (Google Play Edition)

Senseless ROM for the HTC One; Instructions: What you see in the picture above is Google’s Sundar Pichai holding an HTC One Google Play Edition (Senseless ROM) and now that it’s out, some of you might be wanting to get a taste of the famous “stock Android experience” but don’t want to have to buy a new phone, specially if you just acquired ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone (Encryption for All OS’s)

Android Encryption 1

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone In current time, spying and hacking activities are evolving rapidly that makes many users victim without their awareness. Few days ago, USA’s National Security Agency was keeping eyes on internet activities without user’s awareness, probing the call records of Verizon’s 99 million users that is a sign of infringement of your privacy. People ... Read More »

Water Damage; How to Save a Water Damaged Device


Water Damage: We have all had that cell-phone that we “Dropped” in the Toilet, or the device that miraculously jumped into that puddle, and the Tablet that tried to swim down the bath to freedom. Here is a guide to tell you what to do with Water Damage, how to try and Resolve it and what to do if your ... Read More »