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Chrome Installer; Install Guide for Windows / Linux

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Using Chrome Installer and Other Methods to install the Chrome Browser: The Chrome Browser has come on a lot since it was released, and I hardly ever use anything other than Chrome. The only time I use anything else is on the odd occasion the chrome browser can’t load something properly, at which point I switch to Internet Explorer, carry ... Read More »

When Will You Need To Have Your PC Fixed

dreambox hd 800 Best Satellite Reciever

  When Will Your PC need to be Fixed? We are going to cover issues that can arise in your computer, and when its time your PC is Fixed. We cover errors from software through to hardware so everything is covered. We talk about the most common things that go wrong with a PC and why it may need to ... Read More »

Printer Tips to Save You Money!

Printer Tips 1

Printer Tips Manufacturers don’t want us to know: Everyone in the world who owns a printer has probably at least once had to go through the unpleasant experience of buying replacement ink and toner cartridges. The reason why this is such a hassle is because of the price of these consumables. The  printer manufacturers always warn us not to buy ... Read More »

How to Get Google Offline Maps after Update

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  Google Maps Offline Maps; How-To Re-enable: Google’s Offline Maps are one of the best free maps you can get, but with the latest update to Google Maps is finally rolling out to Android devices and it bringing some welcome UI changes and a bit of a speed boost, Offline Maps has definitely taken a back-seat. Offline Maps was a coveted ... Read More »

ADW Launcher – Android Launchers Series


ADW Launcher Review: As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential that it is visually, and aesthetically appealing to you, and if the stock look doesn’t cut it for you, this is where Android Launchers come in. Join us in our Android Launcher series, where we cover the best and most popular launchers, and review them in ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Android Battery Life

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Extend and Improve the Battery Life of your Android Device: Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking into the most productive ways of increasing battery life on my HTC One X (HOX). Some of the tricks I used, were extremely effective, others not so much but ALL made a difference to battery life. One of the things that spurred ... Read More »

Get your HTC One Senseless With only a Few Steps (Google Play Edition)

HTC One Senseless (Google Play Edition)

Senseless ROM for the HTC One; Instructions: What you see in the picture above is Google’s Sundar Pichai holding an HTC One Google Play Edition (Senseless ROM) and now that it’s out, some of you might be wanting to get a taste of the famous “stock Android experience” but don’t want to have to buy a new phone, specially if you just acquired ... Read More »

Chrome Tips and Tricks; 12 Tips you really NEED to know

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks - Autofill

Chrome Tips and Tricks; 12 Tips you really NEED to know We’ll be cover 12 Chrome Tips and Tricks that everybody should know, these range from how to quickly access certain functions, making your browsing experience faster and smoother and how to keep you safe online. These are all chrome tips and tricks picked by hand, ensuring only the best ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone (Encryption for All OS’s)

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How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone In current time, spying and hacking activities are evolving rapidly that makes many users victim without their awareness. Few days ago, USA’s National Security Agency was keeping eyes on internet activities without user’s awareness, probing the call records of Verizon’s 99 million users that is a sign of infringement of your privacy. People ... Read More »

Backup Your Laptop Drive – Guide

Backup Your Laptop Drive Guide

How to Backup Your laptop Drive: What does devastation mean to you, in strict regards to work, digital data, personal information and critical files? Did you ever travel and forget your passport somewhere? Perhaps you lost something very dear to you (knowing that losing it is a major hassle, if not anything else). If you did, you do know the ... Read More »