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Can I Download & Install Whatsapp on Nokia X2-02 Phone?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for smart phone and tablets but a popular question is Can I Download & Install Whatsapp on Nokia X2-02 Phone? This question has been answered on the question & answer site and I thought I would share the answer for anyone needing help Whatsapp may be not available in the ... Read More »

Install Kik Messenger for PC


Kik messenger is a smart phone app which allows you to use Wi-Fi to send messages to your friends. Kik Messenger Features User name based rather than phone number Track when messages are delivered/read and when the other person is typing Built in web browser Easily share content with your friends How to Install Kik for PC Download and install ... Read More »

How to use Helium Backup to Sync and Backup your Android smartphone’s data


How to Use Carbon(Helium) Backup to Backup your Smartphone: Many of us ignore the need to back up our devices and keep putting if off until it’s too late. Mostly for Android users, this isn’t too much of an issue as Google always keeps backups of your contacts and calendar events in the cloud and also can back up your ... Read More »

How to make your Android smartphone OS look like stock Android without rooting


 How to Make your Android OS Look Stock without Rooting: Stock or not is a big question when choosing an Android Operator. Android is the most popular mobile OS on the planet, this is reaffirmed by the fact that according to Google, more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated everyday by users around the globe. This is achieved due ... Read More »

How to use Chromecast to Cast your Entire Desktop Screen


  How to Use Chromecast to Cast your Entire Screen: Chromecast is a very simple yet amazing device, this dongle gives you exactly what you want and that too without making you go through a complicated setting up process; you simply have to insert the device in the HDMI slot of your TV and connect it to your home Wi-Fi ... Read More »

How To; Print from Android Devices


  How To Print from Android Devices: Cloud Printing Nowadays smartphones and tablets have become just like computer in terms of most functionalities. You can watch videos, surf the web and do all other sorts of stuff on them, sure they are not as powerful as computer but they make up for that with their portability. Printing is one such ... Read More »

How to Block Calls on Android Smartphones

call block 1

How to Block Calls on Android: The age of mobile phones has put each and every person a phone call away from you. Some of these people are friends and family, some business associates and some acquaintances. But, there are other people from whom you may want a bit more distance than just a phone call. If they have your ... Read More »

How to Setup and Use Google Now


  Google Now Introduction: Many people incorrectly think of Google Now as a clone of Apple’s Siri when in fact it is so much more than that. Google Now is not just a simple app that listens to your queries and then answers accordingly, it is more of like a personal assistant whose main purpose is to automate your life ... Read More »

How to Get Google Offline Maps after Update

Google Maps Banner

  Google Maps Offline Maps; How-To Re-enable: Google’s Offline Maps are one of the best free maps you can get, but with the latest update to Google Maps is finally rolling out to Android devices and it bringing some welcome UI changes and a bit of a speed boost, Offline Maps has definitely taken a back-seat. Offline Maps was a coveted ... Read More »

ADW Launcher – Android Launchers Series


ADW Launcher Review: As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential that it is visually, and aesthetically appealing to you, and if the stock look doesn’t cut it for you, this is where Android Launchers come in. Join us in our Android Launcher series, where we cover the best and most popular launchers, and review them in ... Read More »