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Android App Review Service

There are 1000′s of apps released EVERYDAY.

When releasing an app, the hardest part is getting proper attention, not just from users but from Media as well. Without users, the app simply will not succeed. Due to the high demand of app review requests, many websites have simply stopped doing app reviews, and sometimes app new altogether.

Big budget Apps are the only ones who get attention, because of their big pockets!

If you look at some of the most popular apps, its not hard to tell how they have so many users. The big apps like Candy Crush and Angry birds, have HUGE marketing budgets as they are created by big companies with high advertising budgets.

Dedicated Review System allows YOU to specify criteria:

Android App Review Service


Our in-built review portal allows you, the creator to specify any particular areas you’d like to be covered. Along with the general Application areas such as User Interface and Features. With a summary and an overall star system, your app can get the recognition it deserves!



Let us do the hard work, and get your App the attention it Deserves!

Let our writers create a tailored and professional review promoting your app the way it should be ! Our tech readers are likely to engage in your app and then the word of mouth begins. You now have the opportunity to get your app seen by 1000′s of monthly readers.

All App Reviews are:

  • Published on all our social media sites (Facebook / Twitter / Google+)
  • Thorough to provide as much information as possible
  • Sent to you, the app creator before publishing to get your approval
  • Featured in the Homepage “Featured posts”
  • Featured in the “Review” scrolling box area on the homepage
  • Our site is indexed and crawled by Google and other search engines daily, so your app can receive the same indexing rate through our review.

To have your App Reviewed, fill in:

As an Introductory offer, we’re offering the first few app reviews at only £25

First Come First Served at this price!


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