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How To Increase AdSense Earnings with Responsive Ads

Website traffic from mobile devices has steadily increased over the past few years and this trend will only continue into the future. I recently noticed that almost 40% of traffic to one of my websites was coming from mobile devices. My website ads we designed for desktop users and as such they didn’t get many clicks from people on mobile devices.

Luckily, AdSense have responsive ad units which will adjust their size dynamically depending on the screen width of the user. By implementing these ads in key areas I got a significant boost in my ad revenue to this website.

How to Create a Responsive Ad Unit

In your AdSense dashboard simply go to the “My Ads” tab and click “new ad unit”.

In the Ad Size dropdown select “Responsive Ad Unit” – select your ad style settings and click “save and get code” – yes it’s that easy!



Where to Position your Responsive Ad Unit

I found that placing one unit below your website header and above the content is a great spot for the responsive unit as it will display near the top of the page on a mobile device. I also like to have another unit at the bottom of the page content – for anyone who has scrolled to the bottom of your page.

You can also have a unit in the middle of your posts content to have your ads evenly spread across your website for mobile users. I use the WordPress plugin Quick AdSense which allows you to insert your ads to the top/bottom/middle of your content or even after a certain number of paragraphs.

Testing to Improve Earnings

Play around with the positioning of your units and compare the results. Try to feature your units where the user will be looking – I find ad units placed within the page content perform much better than something in a sidebar. I personally found switching to responsive ads almost doubled my earnings as I had so much mobile traffic.

If you have Google Analytics installed you can check how much mobile traffic you have by going to Audience>Mobile>Overview. You may be suprised by how many people use a tablet or mobile phone to view your website!


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