Sunday , 16 August 2015
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Heartbleed Bug – Time to Change Passwords

You may have heard about the heartbleed bug which has been present in certain OpenSSL builds since early 2011. It’s not known if any data has been compromised but the possibility is there and that means it may be a good idea to update your passwords across many platforms.

Mashable has put together a great post about what sites may be affected and what passwords may need to be changed. It is also a good idea to update your passwords every few months just in case vulnerabilities such as heart bleed are exploited.

It is a good idea to use a password with 8 or more characters using capital letters, numbers and special symbols. If you have ever tried to use a password cracker for a .rar file you know it is infinitely harder the longer and more complex your password is. Visit to create a strong password for your important accounts.

If you have trouble remembering all your passwords – try an open source tool like KeePass to manage all your passwords in a secure way.

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