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How to Root Your Kindle Fire

In order to customize your Kindle Fire and do things such as install Google Play, you must first root your kindle fire. A user on the xda developers forum has posted a nice guide on how to root your kindle fire and I will share this with you below.

Before you begin, if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 8, open a Command Prompt ( Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) & type ‘ping‘ then press enter. If you get replies, carry on with the rest of the guide. If not, you’ll have to carry out this small fix first!  Go down to where it says “If you can’t ping

To start with, download these files:

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ADB

Bin4ry Root v30

Picture from:

Picture from:

  1. Download the files provided above in the post and keep kindle unplugged at all times
  2. To be safe uninstall any other drivers for the kindle installed on the operating system (Win.) And Reboot.
  3. Install the adb drivers provided in the .zip
  4. Unzip the bin4ry tool on ur desktop and run the .bat file for windows as admin/.sh for Linux.
  5. Keep kindle unplugged still… The menu u will be promoted with will ask you what is ur device type. Select normal.
  6. Once you selected normal and the command prompt will say plug in your device. Do it.
  7. It will say a bunch of stuff, once it stops spitting out lines, if your kindle isnt already. Unlock it.
  8. Hopefully u get a window on ur kindle asking to restore and enter ur credentials. JUST PRESS RESTORE AT THE BOTTOM.

If you can’t ping

Right click on My Computer/Computer (whichever you have) and choose Properties.
Go into System and this will open System properties. Once here, select ‘Advanced System Settings’.
Next choose ‘Environment Variables’ and under the ‘System Variables’ find ‘Path’.
Select ‘Path’ with your mouse and choose ‘edit’.
Scroll to the very end of the list in here. It’ll have various paths for different things, all separated by a semi-colon like this ‘;‘. Be careful not to change anything else here, simply paste in ‘;C:\Windows\System32‘. Note that there’s no space between ; and the C:\Windows\System32 and this statement isn’t case sensitive, it can be both upper and lowercase or a mix.
Click OK & repeat until you’ve closed System Properties.
Test by opening Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd OK, Win-key + R > cmd OK, or however you prefer to get there) & ping again. If you see replies, congratz, you’re all set!

If you are still having trouble make sure to read the full thread on the xda developers forum.

Otherwise, continue on and Install Google play for Kindle Fire


  1. It works smoothly, Thanks a lot.

  2. wtf? my comp pings, and everything works fine except once i type in one for normal in the .bat software, it just keeps saying a bunch of garbage and never tells me when to plug in my kindle. just ends up saying cant find specific file over and over then says hit any key to continue. i have tried everything this doesnt work at all

  3. i may need hep with this as im getting my kindle the 22nd of this month hopefully the newest one and kindle fire hdx 8.9 64 gb one i think its called i really want google play on it

  4. How am I supposed to click on start, right click, left click, and so on when I’m on a kindle fire? And it is not an HD model just regular kindle fire.

  5. Dose it work on any kindle fire??

  6. Will I lose any apps or data when I root my Kindle Fire?

  7. Brilliant stuff! A very clever solution, works well and now I have Google Play installed also using the guide from this site. Thanks for posting.

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