Sunday , 16 August 2015
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Facebook to Acquire Oculus VR

On March 25th, Facebook announced they had come to an agreement to acquire Oculus VR, a market leader in new virtual reality technology, for approximately 2 billion dollars in cash (400 million) and shares (23.1 million shares).

Oculus is known for it’s “Oculus Rift” virtual reality headset which had over 2 million dollars in backing from their kickstarter campaign. There has been backlash from people who funded the Oculus Rift as it is now uncertain if they will get the rewards for the money they put forward. Many backers are looking for a refund as they no longer have faith in the direction that Facebook may take the virtual reality technology.

While is was a big surprise that Facebook acquired Oculus VR – there was a hint of something going on, with a reddit post  stating that a user saw Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg heading up to the Oculus offices a month prior to the announcement

What’s your opinion on the announcement? Will this acquisition hold back VR tech for the future?

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