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What to look for in a Laptop Bag

What to Look for in a Laptop Bag

What to look for in a Laptop Bag

Finding a suitable laptop bag can be difficult. With so many different sizes, brands, materials and styles to choose from, it is usually the case that the easiest ones to find are the worst quality. When purchasing a new laptop your attentions will most likely focused solely on the exciting new technology, and not on how you’re going to transport it around with you.

You might find yourself purchasing a basic run of the mill bag along with the laptop for simplicity, which most people find out too late doesn’t suit their needs. A laptop is an expensive long term investment; most people keep their laptops for at least three years, so choosing a good laptop bag to keep your technology safe is very important.


Here are some important questions to consider before choosing your next laptop bag

What do I need it to do?

Whilst it is obvious that every laptop bag out there will achieve the basic requirement of holding your laptop, most of them don’t do much else. Think about the extras that you will need to use your laptop, like the charger, external hard drive and mouse. Lots of laptop bags don’t have room to accommodate these extras.

If you’re a frequent traveller you will most likely be looking for a multi-purpose bag that will also carry your essentials like paper documents, pens, mobile phone etc. If you’re going to be using it as a hand luggage bag this is another factor to take into consideration. A backpack solution might be more suitable for you; they come with a fitted sleeve section for the laptop, with lots more room for other items.


Will It Last?

In today’s throw-away society, most bags are only built to last for a couple of seasons, which is fine if you want to change your laptop bag to keep up with fashion trends. However, if you’re looking for a long lasting, durable laptop bag you will need to look further afield.  Look out for a few key factors such as rip-stop fabrics (commonly used in military clothing) which will ensure long lasting fabric. You can find this by looking for little squares that are sewn into the material. You might also want to consider choosing a natural fabric such as leather, as they are often more hard wearing than man made materials.


What style?

If you work in a corporate office you’re going to need a formal style. Colourful patterns will not be appropriate for the office, so choose leather or dark fabrics in a structured style such as a satchel, which will be ideal.

If you commute by public transport you might want to choose a backpack style as you can move through crowds more easily and as it is attached firmly to your body it is safer from pickpockets. It is also more comfortable and has more room for other items.

If you’re a student you might want to consider choosing a smaller laptop bag as you will most likely have another bag full of books, lecture notes etc. Lugging two heavy and cumbersome bags from place to place will be irritating, so a smaller laptop bag will be more convenient.

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