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Android Apps Which Plays Music as Per Your Mood

Android Music Apps

Android Apps Which Plays Music as Per Your Mood

Androids apps have been gaining enormous popularity in the last few years. The reason behind this is their exciting collection of gadgets and excellent apps that have superior innovation functionality and performance. Among their numerous apps are those that help in playing music. There are recent modified android music players come with ability to play music depending on your mood as a user.


It is an android app that’s used on mobile phone or the tablets. It has ability to create a readymade play list depending on your current mood by choosing your mood from the provided stereo tags. It is important to note that you can also add your own category of moods which can range from ‘exited’ to ‘road trip’. The app enables you to listen to music, tag and share your different emotions and discover new music.

The Stereomood provides a good experience where you can create a collection of mood based music simply by tagging each song by mood. The Stereomood helps you to have numerous playlists for different moods that puts together music from diverse artists and music sites. The playlists are generated from tags and depend with your preferences and this dynamic on a daily basis. More to that, the android Stereomood music app helps you to be in the know in regard to music as you are able to see information about the artist, the name and source of the track by a simple tap on the information button.

Sharing of favorite tracks with your friends is easily possible with the android Stereomood app. You can share the music through social sites like facebook and twitter. Lastly the app is readily available and easy to install.


The Moodagent creates the right playlist for you intelligently depending with your mood. It creates the playlist for you instantly using the mood sliders or by choosing a seed track. With the Moodagent music app you have the chance to increase your knowledge of music since you discover music that goes along with your mood, when you want to buy new music you only need to click.

Moodagent enables you to share your playlists where you share your current mood and your music taste through facebook and twitter. The Moodagent is one of the best android app for playing music to come from android. The app gives you the user the ability to save your most favorite playlist and replay them later at your convenient time. The ability to instantly profile your music according to mood, emotion, style, genre, production features among others makes the app a priceless asset for music lovers.

The apps amazing features are increased by head set remote controls and ability to renew playlists which are in the same mood.

These two are the amazing android apps which play music as per your mood. They are usually free but in case of a charge which is minimal pay pal help would come in handy. The apps bring a whole new meaning to listening to music.

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