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3 Upcoming iOS Game Apps

iOS Games
New mobile games are released for iOS mobile devices all the time. In fact, if you were to check out Apple’s App Store, you would likely see a variety of new paid and free apps that you can download and enjoy every day.  However, some applications are more popular than others and the anticipation of their release is much higher and generates huge hype.

If you are a developer who hopes to generate as much popularity for your mobile games as the developers of the games listed below, you’ll need to have a smart marketing strategy. Social and mobile ad networks, like appnext, can help you effectively advertise and monetize your game.

That said, the following are three hot upcoming games for iOS mobile devices, in no particular order:

1 – Tales of Phantasia – Developed by Jupiter, this new game is based on the rpg classic “Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition 2006”. According to reports from Joystiq, this new game, that will be available for Apple mobile devices, will feature the same micro-transactions and touch-based controls that are present in the original PSP game on which it is based. In addition, although the full game is free, once available in the Apple App Store, players will be able to purchase extra downloadable content.  So far, the game is only set to be released in the Japan App Store. There is not mention yet if or when it will be released in other countries.

2 – Infinity Blade III – With bigger and superior graphics to its predecessors, this popular, action role playing game from Chair Entertainment will be apparently eight times larger than the original and will have additional downloadable content. This particular version of the Infinity Blade game series has been optimized for Apple’s two latest iPhone devices: iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The game has been designed for the A7 processor, however, it can still run off of older iPhones, such as versions 4 and 5.

Mobile gamers can still expect all of the fighting action they love, except this time around players can battle a dragon boss, take on two characters, and even be a female assassin. Furthermore, some of the stages in the game are unique to certain characters. Infinity Blade III is a paid game.

3 – Final Fantasy 14: Libra Eorzea – This is a companion app for the Square Enix rpg “Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn”. This app is free to download and play. According to a report from Eurogamer, players of the mobile rpg game will be able to access this new app offline via various features, such as through the character profile viewer, game database, and others that are set to be released later on down the road. In addition, players can use their FF14 account to check out information about their characters, as well as learn about other characters in the game.

In addition, two other upcoming game releases include Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag and Rayman Fiesta Run.


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