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3 Important Things To Look Before Negotiating Website Development Contracts

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What to Consider before Negotiating Website Development:

When a web development company and a client gets together, different kinds of responses take place. Some become so keen to start the project that they totally ignore the legal contract; few others work on the standard terms and do not even bother to look at them; many others still sit down and negotiate an agreement. As a web development expert having more than five years of experience in this industry, I will always suggest you to opt for the latter course. Before the project gets started, both the client as well as the developer should know what to and what not to expect from each other out of the project.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the most important legal issues, which both the parties need to discuss and negotiate a contract on the web development project.

  • Clarify The Extent Of Work

This is one of the most important things that a web developer company needs to consider when undertaking a project for a client. The company is definitely going to command a fixed rate for their service. On the basis of the fixed price, the company needs to clarify the client what exactly they are going to do, keeping in mind the client’s requirements. The company also needs to explain how additional work, which is not within the specified quote, will be charged. The agreement must clearly spell out the consequences and impact of delay and the jobs the client may need to perform and that the client needs to do whatever the developer asks them to, within the scope of the project.

  • Set Milestones

Setting milestones are also vital. It helps both the parties. Basically, the concept of setting up a milestone is that, once a milestone is achieved by the developer, he/she asks the client for the fee. The client doesn’t make the full payment at this stage. A part of the fee is being paid. In web development sphere where projects are delivered in stages, clients usually pay the fee in installments linked to the milestones. When the client sees that everything has been done the way as it was mentioned in the project scope, he/she pays up the installment linked to that milestone. It is essential to mention all these things in the project agreement. The developer company must also ensure that the agreement allow them to refuse to take on any further work until the client pays up the fee due for a particular milestone.

  • Moral Rights

The client and the developer must sit down, discuss and negotiate an agreement about their moral rights. It is crucial for the web development company to know whether the client would give proper rights to them to be accredited for the work they have done on their website. If rights are passed over to the client, the web developer will only be able to take the credit of developing the website unless there is some more development needed, which might hamper the reputation of the web developer company. The company would surely want to reserve the right to remove their name or logo from the site in such a case.

The above-mentioned three points are just the core issues and doesn’t address by any means all the areas to be discussed, while negotiating an agreement on a web development project. These will surely help create a balanced relation between both the parties and minimize chances of disputes in due course.

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