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YouTube Live Streaming Issues with Google Chromecast

Youtube Live Stream

YouTube Live Streaming Issues:

What happens when the most popular video website in the world doesn’t allow the use of one of the most fast growing video apps in the world of the smartphones? Well, then you have what happens with the YouTube live stream service, as you will see next. We’re not lying, that actually happened, as demonstrated in the next pictures when it was tried to see the Lollapallooza 2013 stream.

It’s not like Google isn’t aware of this little detail: they have it documented in its support page. What is not exactly clear or well-known is the reason why. If the videos are set to “private”, they are in-accessible, as well as videos disabled for mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what device you cast to your TV set, or from where, while we’re on it.

Oddly enough, if you send a live stream to Chromecast from a desktop or laptop with the full Chrome browser allows you to listen audio and actually see some low quality video. But as you may imagine, that’s not even close to be satisfactory. Time will tell if Google sees this problem as priority enough to offer a solution. But they probably have other, bigger worries at the time.

Streaming it through your device as a “tether” also doesn’t work a writer at AndroidPolice states, you cant “cast”  from your phone, to the Chromecast when your phone is being used as the internet connection. This is a strange oversight by Google in my eyes, and I think they should fix this as a matter of urgency. Especially if they want everyone to keep the buzz about the Chromecast, especially since many major streaming services have taken the Chromecast with open arms, and developed support for it very quickly.

What do you think about this lack of functionality in the Google Chromecast, do you think its been done on purpose or is a genuine mistake by Google? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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  1. Google’s deployment of Chromecast has turned out to be extremely disappointing. First, Chromecast actually worked better with Youtube better before the embedded video and app capabilities were introduced! Second, it’s getting buggier, it seems, as well as Google’s rollout for 3rd party developers has remained bizarrely hamstrung. Which has been a trend across Google products as they reveal more and more that they only care about short-term profits, screw the consumer long-term. I’m getting really disgusted with Google’s shoddy “forever beta = crapware” and “let’s be like Facebook and force more walls around our products” mentality.

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