Sunday , 9 February 2014
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YouTube App for Android Update Features a Huge Redesign (Download)

Youtube App Update


Youtube App Update Includes a Huge Re-design:

Google has released the latest version of its YouTube app for Android i.e. v5. The new app was promised to bring a whole new interface to the users that will be much more appealing and easy to navigate than ever before.

We took a look at the updated app and can tell you that the new version certainly features a huge redesign and the app looks better than ever before. Some of the biggest changes that were made to the app are:

YouTube App Update

  • The redesigned UI that is much more appealing and makes use of card like menus.
  • The ability of in-app multitasking so that you can easily turn any video you are watching into a small window at the bottom right corner while continuing to browse through the app. You can turn a video into a small window by either swiping it down, pressing the back button or the down arrow button at the top left. If you want to bring the small window back up again, all you have to do is tap on it and if you want to close it, you can do so by swiping it sideways. A very cool UX effect makes the sound fade slowly as you swipe a video sideways.
  • Slide out navigation has been reworked in accordance to the latest redesign and guidelines.
  • Quick Access has been provided to history, favorites, playlist, uploads and watch laters in the slide out menu.
  • You now have the ability to search for playlists.
  • You can directly give thumbs up to a video now without having to tap the down arrow button first.
  • The HD and CC toggles have been moved to the menu instead of the bottom left edge.
  • Surprisingly, the Google+ recommend button has disappeared.
  • The app also has a new icon.

All of these features join together to form a great update to the app and one which users will certainly enjoy! If you are one of the few unfortunate ones whose devices haven’t gotten the update yet, have no worriers as Android Police has the required verified APK file that you can download and then simply flash onto your phone and get the latest iteration of this YouTube app. Download it below,

YouTube App v5 [Via: Android Police]

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