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Pattern Patent By Google; Unlock Your Apps Through your Lockscreen

Pattern Patent Unlock Apps

Pattern Lock screen to Unlock Apps:

Exhibiting good security features is essential for both mobile and PC operating systems nowadays as tech companies strive to make their users safe from the constant exploitation attempts by hackers and malwares. But, it is kind of a balancing act; the developers have to make sure that their product is not too lax in its security so as to provide an open highway for the mischief-minded nor too rigid and tight locked that the user gets frustrated by the limitations that inevitably come with this security.

An extra swipe left or right could be the difference between bringing up contacts or your camera

Android users have to extra careful due to the open source nature of its code. The most widely used method by which users secure their Android smartphone devices is by implementing a pattern lock. A pattern lock is indeed a very easy and simple way to secure your device but it also requires a bit of sacrifice on the user’s part; you have to give up the ability to launch apps directly from the lockscreen. This might soon change, as a newly granted patent hints at the possibility that the good people over at Google are looking into this handicap and have devised a way to overcome it.

The details provided in the patent filing describe a way through which switching to specific apps from the lockscreen becomes just a matter of an extra swipe by the user. You would still use the same security pattern, but an additional swipe left or right will launch an app like the camera or bring up the contacts. It is still unclear exactly how customizable this swiping method will be and that whether it will work for all apps or just a select few but we are keeping our hopes high.

Not to be a buzzkill, but it must be pointed out here that usually a patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean that we will actually see the product or software upgrade proposed through it as the purpose of many of these filings is just to get an edge over the competition. Still, it is a good step from Google and one which we very much hope to see implemented by way of a minor upgrade soon. Even though there are some alternative solutions to this problem available in the market, still an official solution from Google would be much more comforting for the security-conscious.

[Via: Android Authority]

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