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The Sinji Pouch; Brilliant Little Concept

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The Sinji Pouch; Simple yet very Effective:

Stick-on pouch is a very simple concept; a small nylon pocket is attached to the side of your phone with the help of glue and designed to carry all your essential credit/ID cards. Unfortunately, this simple concept has yet to be perfected by the many number of manufacturers out there. A number of issues plague all such stick-on pouches, like the poor quality of the glue which tends to slacken off before long and the use of cheap fabric that cannot hold your essentials satisfactorily and also doesn’t look too good.

But, Sinji Pouch may have gotten it right. It costs about $12.99 and manages to hold onto the back of your phone effortlessly while also exhuming an overall very pleasing aesthetic. The fabric used in the pouch is of a very good quality and has just the right amount of stretch in it to keep all the cards in place through friction without them slipping out. But, the stretch isn’t so much that when the time comes to pull the cards out, you may face difficulty. Also, the inner felt of the pouch is designed to secure your possessions even more by providing additional grip.

The glue used for the pouch is prepared by 3M and provides a great hold to the pouch even after months of continuous usage. The Sinji pouch, when tested, proved to be able to hold four to five standard cards comfortably. Though anymore cards will make for a tight fit.

Naturally, by installing a stick-on pouch to your phone, it will become noticeably thicker and may cause some issues when you need to mount the phone onto your car’s navigation stand forcing you to remove the cards from the pouch, though otherwise the thickness is pretty manageable and not too much of a deal-breaker.

Overall, if you are looking for a stick-on pouch solution to carry all your cards around then the Sinji pouch is the most efficient and economical solution. It is available for purchase from Amazon and you can even choose between a variety of colors to get the one best suited for you.

Purchase the Sinji Pouch (Black)Purchase the Sinji Pouch (White)


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