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SwiftKey Gets An Update – CloudSync + Throws In a 50% Discount!


SwiftKey Update:

A few days back, we brought you news about the Minuum keyboard for Android which in our opinion has the potential to be the best smartphone keyboard in the market. But, if you think that the relatively alien nature of the Minuum keyboard app is too much of a leap for you than your next best option is without a doubt the SwiftKey keyboard app. Its flow typing function coupled with support for multiple languages and the creepily accurate prediction engine that sometimes can predict the next word before you even type it makes it an almost perfect keyboard app which also holds the ‘Most Innovative app’ Global Mobile award.

And today the app launched its latest version; SwiftKey 4.2, that brings a number of updates to the already great app. One of the most important upgrade in the 4.2 version is the introduction of cloud sync function that will now synchronize your personal dictionaries between multiple devices.


This will be done by making use of your Google account for authentication so that the dictionaries can be synchronized and also the latest trending phrases from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and RSS Feeds can be downloaded which you will have to enable from within the app.


All of your synced data will be protected by SwiftKey’s data security and privacy policies which basically mean a lot of encryption and access restriction will be applied so that the users can feel a little safer in this post ‘Project PRISM’ world.

In addition to this main upgrade, a host of other features were also introduced, a few of them are

  • Better contextual predictions meaning the app will recognize the field you are typing in and so provide relevant predictions.
  • Smarter learning algorithms.
  • The ability to quickly return to previous entered search terms.
  • New and improved layouts for Russian, Bulgarian, French, Swedish and Ukrainian.
  • Improved settings layout and also new settings for physical keyboards.

And that’s not all, as the folks behind SwiftKey have thrown a discount party for its customers by providing 50% discount on the app in both the Google Play and Amazon App Store meaning that you can now get the app for $1.99 instead of the standard $3.99. So, if you thinking of buying the app, this is the time to do it by following the link below,

Google Play Amazon App Store


[Via: Android Police]


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