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Remix Music Player; A New Type of Music Player (Download)

Remix Music Player Overview

Remix Music Player; A New Kind of Music Player

The Remix Music Player is a new attempt at how we interact with our Music, attempting to be a useful, efficient and beautiful music player all-in-one can be quite difficult, but I must say that Remix Music Play has done it right, and is a very powerful music player, promoting multi-tasking on Android as it should be.

The Play Store is filled with countless music players. You could spend days searching, but you would never find one that lives up to the Remix Music Player. Remix puts others to shame with its list of features and a swipe­up mini widget. It’s available in the Play Store for $4.99, along with a 14­day trial app. The core app is quite usual for a music player, containing truly intriguing playlist management.

Remix Music Player Popup
Remix Music Player Slider
Remix Music Player Viewer

The interface of the Remix Music Player is built on swipes; swipe up from anywhere in the app to view the Now Playing menu, swipe from the right for your music library, and another swipe for the right for playlists and favourites. The Now Playing menu contains customization ability; with five assigned shortcuts for basic functions such as lyrics, favourites and bookmarks, sharing, and link searches to YouTube.

The best and most impressive part of this app is the pop­up control system. From anywhere within Android, you can simply swipe up from the bottom to open a mini control system, which contains your basic features such as basic playback controls, track seeking, and playlist management. It’s a player with all of those great tricks, way more powerful than the default notification controls. This app may seem familiar if you have used WebOS on the HP TouchPad.

The app contains others features as­well;  a full tablet UI, home and lock screen widgets, Last.FM, lyric and art finding, expandable notification controls, auto­generated playlists, and even a Wikipedia browser. The bottom line is Music Player (Remix) is an amazing app that is available for a worthy $5.

I’m personally a very big fan of the Remix Music Player and I can definitely see this becoming one of the top players in the music player category. If this is how the app is upon initial release, I can’t wait to see what the developers can come up with when they begin updating it.

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[Source: Google Play Store]

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