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Phillips Hue Lightstrips; Create Your Own Moods!

Phillips Hue Lightstrips

 Phillips Hue Lightstrips for at home Mood Setting:

Pihllips Hue (lightstrips) are set to create an ambient feeling no matter where you are, all controlled by your favorite smartphone or tablet. Philips Hue LED light bulbs are a fully customizable collection of LED bulbs that have the ability to offer up to 16 million different colors by combining three basic LEDs (red, green and blue) inside each bulb. But that is not why these bulbs are amazing. These bulbs are amazing because of the extreme level of customization that comes with them; when you buy the Philips Hue lighting system starter kit and have it all set up, you will basically be able to make customizations to the bulbs through the use of either the official smartphone app or via computer.

These customizations include the ability to set the color of the bulbs and also choose from different lighting moods like “Reading” and “Energize”. Also, you can schedule the bulbs to turn on or off at specific times. The bulbs are also reportedly very energy efficient as they provide light equal to a 50W bulb while utilizing only 8.5W.

But that was last year. Now, Philips has announced that it is going to further diversify the type of bulbs available for the Hue system with the launching of LivingColors Lightstrips and Bloom bulbs. Both of these bulbs will be part of the Hue family and are designed to provide a pleasing aesthetic to your homes and offices.

Phillips Lightstrips

Lightstrips is a flexible two meter LED strip and has been designed in a way that it highlights the furniture it is placed beneath or around so that the

ir beauty may be accentuated. The Bloom on the other hand is a portable lamp which features a 120 lumen LED bulb designed to put focus on a specific area or object in a room. With their integration into the Hue family, users can now customize both of these products and also control their lighting hours through their mobile devices. Philips is labeling them as “Friends of Hue”, a term used to specify any product that is compatible with the Hue system.

According to an official press release by Philips, both of these products are expected to go on sale in Apple Stores and the online App store on 21st August with the Lightstrips costing you about $89.95 and the Bloom setting you back $79.95.

[Via: Phillips]

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