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Nexus 7 Source Binaries Released

Nexus7 Source

 Nexus 7 Source Files Released:

A few days back, controversy erupted around the new Google Nexus 7 as its factory images were not being made available to the general public due to some backstage drama caused by Qualcomm that was hindering their release. This frustrated the technical lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ), to such a point that he decided to quit the company in protest.

This caused huge outrage in the tech community and many vowed to boycott the products of Qualcomm; a notion JBQ expressed disappointment at in a Google+ post as according to him even with the best of intentions, all companies screw up at one point at another and that this doesn’t mean that they are enemies of Open Source. Now, it seems that Qualcomm has finally buckled under the pressure and given way as the factory images of the Nexus 7 tablet codenamed ‘razor’ have been made available by Google on the Android development site.




The whole package of these images and binaries clocks in at 340MB and seemingly contains everything you may need in order to revert your Nexus 7 back to stock. There are drivers from Asus, Broadcom and yes, Qualcomm in the package for functions ranging from graphics to sensors. You can download all the binaries together or individually with the Qualcomm binary having the largest size at 17.6MB.

So now users can tinker with their Nexus 7’s software as much as they want safe in the knowledge that they can always reset their OS back to stock using the factory images if issues arise.

Still no word on whether this step will convince JBQ to return to the project he is so passionate about or whether there are deeper issues at play here that has made him disillusioned with AOSP. We certainly hope that he changes his mind and comes back as JBQ is incredibly well respected in the Android community and his loss will be devastating to the project.

The Nexus 7 was launched in the US last month and has been receiving raves from critics who are praising its affordable price, long battery life and meager weight along with its sharp performance.

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[Via: Android Police]

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