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Motorola To Produce the Next Nexus?

Motorola Nexus


Motorola to Manufacture the next Nexus Smartphone?

Under the ownership of Google, Motorola is looking to start things anew and make a fresh start. This journey began with the release of Moto X; the somewhat controversial flagship smartphone from the company. And now with its launch out of the way, we can look ahead to a line of new phones from the company targeting different demographics and boasting different capabilities.

Taylor Wimberly is a person who has built a solid track record for himself when it comes to all things Motorola. His bits of information about what the Moto X experience will be like and its hardware specifications have more or less turned out to be completely true and now he is back with another piece of zinger for people who are curious about what is next on the roadmap for Motorola as the company strives to make itself one of the major player in the mobile phone business once again.

In a very brief post on Google+, Wimberly told his followers to expect a Nexus smartphone from Motorola before the end of this year:

“Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X).”

Brief indeed!  But this stills gives us an idea about what to expect. Apparently the new Nexus smartphone will not be an iteration of the recently released Moto X and instead will be something entirely new. A Google Play edition of the Moto X is already said to be in the works and it’s a good thing that Motorola isn’t just going to chunk out slightly modified versions of its flagship device and will instead change it up a bit.

Nexus devices are always a great buy due to their relatively low prices and unlocked bootloader which gives users the pure Android experience without any modifications and add-ons from smartphone makers and carriers, a fact due to which these phones are always the first to receive Android updates as the update doesn’t have to go through any modifications before it is able to work with the phones.

Wimberly didn’t explain exactly from where he got this information but due to previous experience we will certainly urge you to not disregard this as pure rumor.

[Via: Android Authority]

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