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Motorola CEO Praises Moto X Whilst Slamming Samsung and HTC

Motorola Moto X

Motorola CEO Slams Samsung and HTC:

Moto X was the phone that was going to redefine Motorola and usher it into a new age of innovation under the stewardship of Google. So, the device had a lot of expectations attached to it this drove many people to the conclusion that this will be the phone that will outstrip all its competitors and that Apple and Samsung will have to play catch up to match it.

But, ever since the device launch, the tech community just cannot seem to make up its mind about it. The one thing everyone agrees on is that the Moto X indeed delivers a user experience worthy enough to rival any flagship phone from other companies like HTC, Samsung and Apple. But, there is a vocal community among these techies who thing that the spec sheet of the phone leaves a lot to be desired with some going as far as to label the specs ‘last year’s technology’.

Of course this is riling up the people over at Motorola who have spent countless hours in bringing this phone to the general public. And today, one of the top engineers at Motorola and its SVP for product development, Iqbal Arshad in an interview with CNET broke his silence to address these criticisms and try to highlights the merits of the device. And he did so with a few special word for their rivals; Samsung and HTC.

According to him, many people have just misunderstood how the Moto X display and processor work. The Moto X utilizes an “X8 Computing System” which is a sort of ensemble consisting of a S4 Pro chip from Qualcomm which handles general purpose computing and two specialized processors that handle other functions like graphics and contextual computing. This system is supposed to speed up performance while also ensuring a long battery life. Arshad says that the belief that more cores equal a more robust performance is fundamentally wrong as Motorola’s research shows that 90 percent of the time most of the top-tier smartphone in the market do not make use of more than two cores while browsing the web.

He then went on to slam Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for not being “really smart”:

“Motorola’s vision is to really change how smartphones work. The small computers we carry around in our pockets aren’t “really” smart. I mean, what can you do with the Samsung Galaxy S4 that you can’t do with the Galaxy S3? The answer is nothing.”

Praising the battery of the Moto X, Arshad claimed that it can accomplish things with one battery that HTC One and Galaxy S4 will need three batteries for.

“None of those other processors could do all the noise cancellation and offer the same level of intelligence and still be low power. What we have done with the Moto X has not been done before. It’s the world’s first. And we think it will change the way people make phone calls and use their phones.”

Trying to address the complaints about the relatively low resolution of 720p for the Moto X, Arshad pointed out that Samsung makes use of a Pentile subpixel arrangement, which means the device is not really 1080p and consumes too much energy. HTC one was also criticized for using SLCD panels which Arshad thinks is an inferior technology.

“Samsung is using a graphics processor, but they’re using it the wrong way and their performance is actually worse than ours. They are burning more battery life. In the case of HTC, they’re using an LCD screen, which is simply an inferior technology.”

When it comes to the non-removable battery of the Moto X, he thinks it was what fit the overall hardware aesthetic and that if they wanted to give Moto X a “cheap feel”, they could have gone with the removable battery; which obviously is a jibe at the “plasticky” Galaxy S4.

He also had opinions about the use of the older version of Android instead of the new Android 4.3 and why they didn’t allow expandable storage. You can check out his whole interview over here.

[Via: Android Authority]


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