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Motomaker Might Soon Debut Wooden Backs For The Moto X

Moto X

Wooden Backs for Moto X via Motomaker

The Moto X is the new flagship smartphone by Motorola that many hope will signal a return to form by the once dominant company. It was made available on the AT&T and Rogers networks last week and the response has been mixed to say the least. While many praise its functionality and the battery timings of the phone, some question the price and the hardware specifications that Motorola has slapped onto the phone saying that they are not relevant enough to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 or other recent flagships by a number of other smartphone makers.

One of the most exciting and fresh feature that debuted along with this smartphone is the extremely versatile Motomaker. Motomaker is something that is unique to the Moto X and it lets you customize your phone to an astounding degree by letting you pick from a massive arsenal of 504 color combinations in order to make your phone truly different from any other. In addition to that, this feature also lets you choose the storage size among other features and also provide you with matching accessories.

And today, news has arrived that Motorola is prepping up for the introduction of wooden backs for the Moto X as well. These wooden backs were first spotted at the smartphone’s unveiling ceremony last month. This was figured out when the code of the Motomaker’s webpage was analyzed. According to this peek, the Moto X wooden backs are indeed going to be made available in the near future but they will supposedly cost you $50 more than the standard price.

Moto X

While this is definitely an exciting possibility, though one that the environmentalist in us abhors, we are still waiting for official confirmation of this little zinger or better yet the appearance of these ‘wood’ backs on the Motomaker website. A $50 extra price may seem like a lot but many people will be willing to pay this when you consider the classic and natural edge that they will bring to the already smartly designed Moto X. We hope to see some solid information on this soon.


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