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Minuum for Android; The Little Keyboard for Big Hands (Download)

Minuum Keyboard


Minuum, “the little keyboard for big hands”

We have seen a lot of innovations since the early 20th century, we have gone from gunpowder to nuclear bombs, simple calculators to fully blown supercomputers, carriages to sports cars but the one thing that we have failed to innovate to a big degree is our keyboard layouts. Yes, we still use the QWERTY keyboard from the 1870’s but there is good reason behind it, it is functional and easy to use.

Many people and companies have tried, unsuccessfully, to challenge this keyboard layout and failed. Either there concepts weren’t functional enough or they were too complicated for the common man to wrap his head around it. Same is the case with our smart devices keyboards and the introduction of touch screens have meant that our on-screen QWERTY take up too much space but since there is no good enough alternative, we keep on using it.

Now, Minuum is an interesting keyboard app that got funded on Indiegogo a few months back. A beta version was released a while ago but it was limited to a few selected people and so wasn’t available for testing but now a public version of Minuum has been released and we are here to tell you all about it.

How it Works:

The concept, which is based on a research project from the University of Toronto, was to build an app that takes our usual keyboard layout and compresses it down to a single row of words instead of the three or four rows we usually get on our smartphone screens. This meant that there wouldn’t realistically be enough space for all the words to stand out properly, so the developers solved this dilemma by implementing an intelligent algorithm which guesses what you want to type as you press your fingers at or near the word of your choice.


Gestures would fill in for any absent buttons like space and delete. You can swipe to the right to insert space and to the left to delete a character. There is also Google Voice Typing support which you can trigger by swiping left diagonally.


But, the app has a full-screen keyboard onboard if you think the new keyboard isn’t good enough for you. You can enable the full-screen keyboard by pressing down with two fingers at a time. It is not what the app was built for, but you may need it at times like entering a password or a web address. You can also add a dedicated space bar if you want.

Minuum fulfills its goal of taking less space on your screen as its keys along with the suggestion bar take up only 240 pixels of your screen. The default layout is of course QWERTY but can be customized to QWERTZ, AZERTY or alphabetical.

Our Impression:


The app is quite functional and intelligent as it was able to nearly guess all the words we were trying to type and once we got a hang of it, we could write without too much stopping and hesitating. If you think typing punctuation will be a problem, then we assure you that the app can handle it.

So, we would give this a recommendation if you think you would like to try it out. Sadly, it only supports English at the moment and no free version of the app is available and so you will have to buy it from the Google Play Store for $3.85. Buy it by following the link below,

Download Minuum


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