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Kickstarter Project for an NFC Ring collects eight times its original goal

NFC Ring


NFC Ring Dominates its Kickstarter Goal:

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has started to crop up in more and more smartphones nowadays but many still question the fact whether it can really become popular with the general public with PayPal going as far as to say that the technology will “fail to gain mass adoption”. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

Without a doubt the idea to turn your smartphone into a digital wallet is an exciting one, but NFC will need to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to become the prime technology behind such a digital wallet. It has Google’s and Apple’s backing, but what it most needs is the backing of the consumers and the merchants.

NFC tags haven’t become as common as some people would want though the idea behind them is a fascinating one, tap your phone on an NFC tag and get access to all the information stored in it like in restaurants, you can tap an NFC tag and the whole menu will appear on your phone. But taking care of all these tags can be a hassle and so was born a Kickstarter campaign aiming to create an NFC that you can wear right on your finger: the NFC Ring.

The NFC ring will have the capability to activate any NFC reader in the vicinity but the most obvious use of this piece if gadget is with your phones, there is already an app available on the Google Play store that can let you unlock your smartphone via NFC, and the NFC ring will surely be a convenient way to achieve that without the need to search for a tag every time you want to unlock your phone.

The design of the ring places the NFC on only one side so that you don’t have to worry about triggering the reader unless you point the tag towards it in a certain way.

NFC Ring Kickstarter

The campaign started on July 20th and ended on August 19th and was a resounding success. It collected eight times the funds it was originally hoping to collect i.e. £30,000. According to the creators, backers can expect their rings to be delivered by late October as the company starts putting the pieces of production and shipping in place.

[Via: Android Police]

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