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KeyMe; Emergency Blacksmiths Could Disappear?



KeyMe: Never need a locksmith again!

Nearly all of us have once or twice found ourselves locked out of our house or shut out of another lock because we had somehow managed to lose the key. This nearly always results in a call to the locksmith who feels the need to demand a handsome sum of money to come and open the lock. Unfortunately, that is a problem that will exist as long as we use physical keys.

Now, a New York based start-up by the name of KeyMe is launching an app for the iOS which will give you an alternate option to arranging an emergency locksmith.

So, what is alternative and how does an app play a part in this? KeyMe, the app, can scan and store virtual copies of your household keys and store them in the cloud so that they can be used to regenerate new ones when you are in need.keyme-2

Basically, using the app, you place your key on a white paper and take both front and back scans of it, these scans are translated into pieces of instructions like the key type and series of numbers for cutting that you can take to any locksmith in order to get a replica. You can share the instructions with a friend and also place mail orders for spare keys using the app. To make it even more easier for you, company is planning a network of kiosks where users can simply walk in and regenerate their key with five of them already up and running in the New York area.

keyme (1)

KeyMe is available for free download on the App Store but of course the company has to make profit somehow. So, the app stores specific data about your key at scanning, but only provides you with it when you pay a $10 fee per retrieval. Not too cheap, but still considerably less then what a locksmith charges you for his services.

So, now with the help of KeyMe, you will always have a virtual spare set of keys in your pockets. This is a great concept and the app works well enough but one has to wonder how this app can be used by a criminally inclined person. Though, it’s not like physical keys are really that safe or secure anyway.

Get the app here.

[Via: Engadget]

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