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IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount Brings You An Automated Dash

nfc car mount

An NFC Car Mount

NFC is a nifty little technology that has been slowly creeping into the mainstream over the last couple of years. You can use NFC tags or stickers to perform automated functions on your compatible devices and that means nearly all of the current lines of smartphones and tablets. Today we are going to be discussing an NFC Mount by the name of IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount.

Manufactured by Arkon, this Car Mount is a spin on the Slim-Grip Holder that is also manufactured by Arkon but with an embedded, re-writable NFC chip present inside. NFC chips are usually a breeze to re-write and that is also the case with the IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount, as all you have to do is open the NFC Task Manager and then customize your NFC chip to perform certain tasks and you are good to go.

But this is the easy part, the difficult part is to adjust your device into the mount and then getting the device to be recognized by it. This IntelliGrip Car Mount performs this task reasonably well though it’s not without its hitches. It has the ability to fit a wide range of devices ranging from 3.5 inch phones to a 10 inch tablet, this is made possible by the spring-loaded mechanism present inside the mount paired with two different lengths of rubber coated feet i.e. four short, four long. The feet can be used in a number of arrangements so as to best hold your device, meaning you might have to tinker with it a little bit until you find your perfect fit.

Sometimes the location of the NFC chips inside the mount and the phone or tablet are mismatched due to which you may face some difficulty in making the mount ‘see’ your phone or tablet. For this, Arkon has provided you with an NFC sticker that you can simply slap onto your mount at an optimal place and get connectivity. But this is the challenging part, as this NFC sticker makes the point of buying a specific NFC mount void if you already own a car mount. You can slap such a sticker on any mount and get the same function out of it as the IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount.

nfc car mount

So here is our opinion, if you are looking to buy a car mount and think that it would be nice for it to have an embedded NFC chip instead of a visually unappealing sticker slapped on it, then the InteliGrip NFC is a good option. Otherwise, you can simply buy an NFC tag from a store and use it to enhance the capability and functionality of your pre-existing car mount.

You can buy both the NFC and the non-NFC versions of the IntelliGrip Car Mount by following the buttons below,

Non-NFC Car Mount IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount


[Via: Android Police]

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