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iDoorCam To Revolutionize Home Security



Answering the door is a piece of work especially when the person at the door is someone you had no desire of meeting at the time. Does incidents like that make you wish that you had already known who was at the door so that you could ignore them and pretend you are not at home to blow them off? Well then, thankfully for you, there are many home automation systems available that enable you to do just that but some of them are quite pricy at the moment.

But the people behind a new device called iDoorCam want to change this and bring to your homes an alarm system that is cost effective and also incredibly simple to operate. iDoorCam is a small round device that once installed on your front door as a bell will notify you via iPhone and iPad whenever there is someone at the door. It accomplishes this by making use of the camera in the device that connects to your home internet through Wi-Fi so that it can show you a live stream of the person at the door on all your connected iOS devices. You can choose to talk to them or ignore them.

iDoorCam’s device is made of hardened plastics and has an upper coating that is rust-free and doesn’t interfere with the Wi-Fi connectivity of the device. It boasts a sleek look that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and hosts a number of features including web camera, motion sensor, a button for the bell along with a microphone and a speaker to communicate with the person at the door. You don’t have to do any additional wiring as the device will simply attach to your existing doorbell power wires.

Initially, the device is only going to be compatible with Apple products and will only have an iOS app though surely if the device proves popular enough we may see Android support in the future as well. The official website of the iDoorCam is up and running and urges you to pre-order the device to get a discount but has yet to accept pre-orders for the $165 system.

An introductional video featuring co-founder, Andrew Thomas, predicts the device will be delivered to consumers somewhere around October.

Check out the video below and if you want, you can visit the official site here.

[Via: Engadget]

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