Thursday , 15 May 2014
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iBlazr Brings Photography to the Mobile Industry

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iBlazr; Could be the Start of a Revolution?

With the introduction of smartphones, mobile cameras have become more and more a part of our daily lives and for many amateur photographers removed the need of a dedicated camera altogether. Phones like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 have built-in cameras that provide you with amazingly good shots and without the need of carrying a DSLR around.

And of course this surge of interest in mobile photography isn’t going unnoticed by developers and entrepreneurs, many of whom have dreamed up products to target this certain interest. In order to get funding for these ideas, many developers nowadays turn to the online funding platform Kickstarter, where the internet crowd can choose to back your idea if they think it is a good one.

One such idea in the mobile photography department that has gotten the Kickstarter crowd excited is ‘iblazr’. Why is iblazr getting so much attention? Because it is addressing a problem that many casual photographers have faced during shooting; the lighting problem. Iblazr is a sort of add-on mobile gear which describes itself as “the LED flash for smartphones and tablets”. It is a pack of four LED flashes that connect to your device through the headphone jack and provide the necessary amount of light needed to turn an otherwise low-light shot into a greatly calibrated shot. And indeed the Kickstarter campaign page shows some very impressive comparison photographs to highlight the difference.


The iblazr flash will have its own dedicated battery of 200mAh which can be charged by way of a USB cord. Apart from flash, users will also be able to utilize the iblazr as a hot light or as a flashlight.

The project has already turned into a success for the developers as it has overshot its funding goal of $58,000 and now stands pretty at $94,000 with 28 days still left to go until the funding period closes. A simple black or white model of the iblazr flash will cost you around $39 while a special anodized-aluminum version will put you $59 back. Or, if you are an accessorizing freak, then you can get one iblazr of each color for a great price of $80.

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