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HTC One MAX Leaked Pictures



HTC One MAX Images Leaked:

HTC One MAX has had some images leaked by “ePrice” just ahead of the IFA in Berlin. HTC did fairly well with their HTC One, creating a very high quality well built device that was said to be the “Perfect Size”. However, as with anything the saying goes “theres always one”, that has to be different, well device sizes are no different. HTC is trying to fill this gap with the HTC One MAX creating a slightly bigger design. They also did the same, but a little smaller, with the very popular HTC One Mini.

The HTC One MAX is rumored to be a 5.9″ version of HTC’s flagship HTC One. The HTC One MAX will also be HTC’s first attempt at getting their foot into the “Phablet” market, which has become quite big lately due to devices such as the Galaxy Note range. ePrice has leaked an image of the HTC One MAX, and not a lot is different.

However, thanks to ePrice, we can now look at the HTC One MAX for ourselves, and make our own conclusions based on the leaked images. ePrice hasn’t just leaked images though, but actually have some specs for us all to digest. One is that the HTC One MAX is supposed to sport a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz. This processor isn’t very widely used yet, so this will be a big selling point to some. Also we’re informed that there should be a  3,200mAh battery, which is a very big battery and is on par with the Galaxy Note 2, however Motorola’s DROID MAXX still takes the top spot.

Speculations are that the HTC One MAX will also feature 2GB of RAM and an 1080p resolution. However these are just assumptions and should be taken lightly. Never the less it wont be too long before we see the official details of the HTC One MAX, with the IFA in Berlin happening next month.

[Via: ePrice]

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