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HTC Fetch; Never Lose Your Keys again !

HTC Fetch

HTC Fetch Will Keep an Eye on your Valuables!

Back in June, it was reported by the trademark hounds that HTC has applied to trademark ‘Fetch’. A name that reminds you of playing with your dog. The subsequently released trademark application shed a bit more light on this curious name and why it makes perfect sense; it was stated to be a form of tracking device which will be linked to your mobile and used to track your belongings. Exciting isn’t it? The dream of every person on this planet to find their belongings without having to ravage through the room was finally coming to realization. This was enough to get the public interested.

On July 25th, people over at Clove got hold of a render of this nifty little device in an official accessory list for the HTC One Mini which showed a small tag which could be attached to your belongings and then be used to track them if they ever get lost. No other information about the type of technology (GPS?) or other physical aspects was known.

Then last week, Clove provided us with a few more details about the device and its possible price range. Still, detailed information was quite scarce and what most of the tech community figured out from the Clove’s post was that the HTC Fetch is designed to be attached to your essentials and then the attached tag would report the belonging’s location to a map that could be accessed through a website or through an app.

HTC Fetch

And yesterday, we finally got a fairly clear picture of what the HTC Fetch actually does and how it does it. The Fetch BL A100 tag will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts you by way of an audible sound when an item with an attached Fetch tag goes out of a 15 meter range. If you are unable to hear the sound but are still fairly in range, then the last known position of the tag along with the paired phone will be recorded on Google Maps for you to consult.

The HTC Fetch will run on a replaceable CR2032 battery which has the potential to last for 6 months and also has a clip which makes it easier to attach. If you are not out of range but are unable to find your tagged item, you can use the smartphone app to turn on the audible alarm which will lead you right to the item.HTC Fetch Pre Order

In addition to this, the HTC Fetch also boasts the functionality of being able to act like a remote shutter button for your mobile camera.

The folks over at Clove have put the HTC Fetch up for pre-order at a fairly reasonable price of £24.99+VAT (£29.99 including). So what do you think? Hit or Miss?

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