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How To transfer contacts from an iPhone to an Android

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android


How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

The iOS and android platforms are undoubtedly the two biggest platforms in the World when it comes to smartphones and so naturally there is a bit of a rivalry going on between the two that has even trickled down to their users, Android and Apple die-hards constantly clash in forums around the web. All this heated atmosphere may make you feel like that there is no way these two operating systems can be compatible enough with each other that if you want to change phones from iOS to Android or Android to iOS, you will be able to take your data with you.

But, that is just a misconception as it is entirely possible for you to migrate your data from one phone to another and here we will show you how you can transfer your contacts from an iPhone to an Android.

Manual Sharing


First off is the fashioned manual way but it will take up a lot of your time as through this method you can only share one contact at a time. To share a contact simply open the ‘Contacts’ app and then select the contact to go to the contact info page. On that page, scroll down and then select ‘Share Contact’. You will then have the option to share the contact either through email or message.

This method is only good if you want to share one of two contacts, however if you are looking to share your entire phonebook then we suggest you check out these alternative methods discussed below.

Via iTunes



iTunes can be used to share contacts between an iPhone and an Android. You will just need iTunes installed on your PC, an internet connection, your iPhone cable and a Google account with which you will sync your contacts.

These synced contacts will contain all of your contact’s information like their name, image, number and any other information you may have stored in the phonebook like their address, email etc.

Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to sync your iTunes contacts with your Google account.

1: Launch iTunes on your computer.

2: Connect your iPhone to your computer through the cable.

3: Once your device shows up in iTunes, click on it to open the device’s summary page.

4: Open the ‘Info’ tab.

5: Now place a checkmark beside ‘Sync contacts with’ and then select ‘Google contacts’ from the appearing drop-down menu.


6: Log into your Google account through iTunes.

7: Click on ‘Apply’, this will sync your contacts from the iPhone with your Google account.

8: Register your Google account on your Android phone if you haven’t done so already by going to Settings > Accounts.

9: Allow syncing between your Google account and your Android to get all your contacts on your phone.


Using iCloud


You can also transfer contacts from your iPhone to your Android by making use of Apple’s iCloud Service. When you sign up for the service, you contacts automatically get backed up into your iCloud account which you can export to your Android device whenever you want. Take the following steps to perform this action,

1: Log onto your account through your desktop computer’s browser.

2: Select the ‘Contacts’ tab to get a list of all your contacts that have been synced with this account.

3: Now select the contacts you want to export to your Android.

4: Once the contacts have been selected, click on the cog wheel icon present at the lower left side of the screen and then select ‘Export vCard’.

5: Your browser will then download a VCF onto your computer that contains the exported contacts.

6: Now you can either simply import this VCF file to your Google Contacts or directly copy it to your Android’s /sdcard directory in order to import it through the People or Contacts app.

7: The contacts have successfully been exported from the iPhone.


Third Party Apps

There are also a number of third-party apps out in the market that can make the process of sharing contacts between two phones easy and uncomplicated.

My Contacts Backup



This is a great iOS app that allows you to share your contacts between an Android and iPhone without the need of a connection to a computer. Here are the simple steps you will be taking to accomplish this through the app.

1: Install and then launch the My Contacts Backup app.

2: On the app’s home screen, tap the ‘Backup’ button to backup all your current contacts present on your iPhone.

3: Once the backup is complete, send the resultant VCF file to your Gmail account by taping the Email button.

4: Open that Gmail message on your Android phone and then download and open the attached VCF file to import all the contacts.


Download My Contacts Backup





Bump is a really interesting app as it gives you the ability to transfer data between two phones simply by bumping them together. You can also share contacts by utilizing this app though you will need to have ‘Bump’ installed on both devices for this to work.

1: Install and launch Bump on both your Android and iOS smartphone.

2: Give permissions when the app prompts for them.

3: On the sender phone, which in this case is the iPhone, swipe to the right until you reach the contacts screen.

4: You will be treated to a list of all your contacts, select the ones you want to share.

5: Once you have selected the contacts, a label titled ‘Bump Now!’ will appear at the top right corner.

6: Lightly bump both your iPhone and Android phone together.

7: Tap the ‘Connect’ button on both phones to allow the devices to communicate.

8: Your Android phone will receive a copy of the contacts you sent.


Bump for iOSBump for Android [Via: Android Authority]


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