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How to make your Android smartphone OS look like stock Android without rooting


 How to Make your Android OS Look Stock without Rooting:

Stock or not is a big question when choosing an Android Operator. Android is the most popular mobile OS on the planet, this is reaffirmed by the fact that according to Google, more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated everyday by users around the globe. This is achieved due to the vast ecosystem that the Android OS supports ranging from mid-range phones to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

However, OEM’s have a tendency to introduce their own customizations on top of the Android OS which for many users spoils the experience. If you are one of those users, then you should know that you can get rid of the customized Android by rooting your phone and flashing it with a custom ROM. This may be too risky for some, and so developers have been working on other solutions to bring you’re the Vanilla Android experience with the help of launchers, icon packs and other apps. We will guide you through some of these solutions and show you how you can get the best Vanilla experience possible.


There is a whole regiment of great launchers out there. But, to narrow the spectrum down a bit, we will limit ourselves and just take a look at a few which are Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher and Holo Launcher HD.

Nova Launcher is free to download and use but if you want the full experience, you will have to buy the Prime version which gives you access to a host of extra features. Similarly, Apex Launcher and Holo Launcher HD also are free but have an optional Pro version with added features.

When choosing a launcher, you should look for the one which you think is the easiest to use and with which you feel most comfortable. Which, in our case, is the Nova Launcher.

After you have downloaded it, you simply have to click the Home button on your device and a pop up will appear asking you to set your chosen launcher as the default (instead of other ROM’s like Sense, TouchWiz etc.). Alternatively, you can open the Nova Launcher’s Settings and set it as the default launcher from there.

Now you screen will more or less look like this,

Stock Android without Root


Download Apex Launcher Download Nova Launcher Download Holo Launcher HD


Lock screens:

Custom lock screens are also needed to get the stock Android experience but they have a history of being bug-filled and unreliable. However, there are a few options available that are reliable enough.

Examples of such reliable lock screens are Holo Locker Plus and GO Locker app.

Holo Locker Plus is a great Jelly Bean locker which provides a seamless experience when paired with a Jelly Bean-themed wallpaper.
However, if you want the experience to be completely free, go for the GO Locker app. It requires you to download two apps in order to function; one is the base app and the other is a theme add on called Jelly Bean One.

Once GO Locker is installed, you simply have to add the Jelly Bean One theme. But this is not the case with Holo Locker Plus, sure you can install the app easily enough, but you will need to find a Jelly Bean wallpaper on your own and to do that, you will need the Plus version to access the features that will let you add a custom wallpaper.

If you want an Ice Cream Sandwich stock Android experience, use GO Locker with this theme to achieve that.

Here is an image depicting how the screen will look like with Holo Locker.

Stock Android

Download GO Locker Download Holo Locker Plus



Keyboards and Wallpapers:

Stock Android Keyboard

The nest thing you are going to need is a new keyboard and wallpaper to finalize the Vanilla Android experience. Finding a Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper on the Google Play Store will be easy enough.

So that just leaves the keyboard. There isn’t a particular need to have a Jelly Bean keyboard as any with which you feel comfortable should do. However, if you really want a Jelly Bean keyboard, Google recently introduced it on the Play Store.

Download Google Keyboard

 Stock Android Conclusion:

This is a simple enough process and one that you should be able to complete in minutes in order to rock the stock Android experience on your device. Give it a try.


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