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How To Install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire

How to Install Google Play on the Kindle Fire

How to Install Google Play on the Kindle Fire

Amazon has built an impressive collection of tablets and e-book readers that offer a great user experience and impressive hardware specs at a pretty modest rate. The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet offers great value to its customers by providing sleek functionality where it counts the most. But, unfortunately the one big issue with these tablets is Amazon’s insistence that users purchase movies, music and apps through the official Amazon store while barring access to the Google Play store even though these tablets run on the Android OS. This would have been acceptable if the Amazon store could fulfill all of our needs but sadly, it is seriously lacking in the app department making us wish that we had the Google Play store instead.

If you are of the same opinion then we have the solution for you! We will show you how you can install Google Play Store on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. It may require a bit of hard work but the end result will be worth it.

For this method to work you must have rooted your device first – How to Root your Kindle Fire

Follow the steps below to install Google Play.

1: Download the ES File Explorer app from the Amazon app store. This app enables you to easily transfer files and launch applications.

2: Download the Google Play Files


3: Extract the compressed files from the package and put them in a separate folder. There will be three files in the package.

4: Open ES File Explorer and go to the ‘Settings’ menu, from there select ‘Root Settings’ and check ‘Root Explorer’ while also allowing ‘Super User’, ‘Up to Root’ and ‘Mount File System’.

5: Now return to the folder where you extracted the compressed files and install ‘GoogleServicesFramework.apk’ from the bunch. Once the installation is complete, reboot your kindle.

6: Once the device is powered back on, go back to the folder once again and cut the ‘vending.apk’ file from there and then paste it in the system/app folder.

7:  Long press on the ‘vending.apk’ to bring up a menu from where you should select ‘Properties’ and subsequently ‘Change Permissions’. In that submenu, make sure that ‘read, write’ options are checked for User and just ‘read’ checked for Group and Other.

8: Now go back, and tap on ‘vending.apk’ to replace and install it.


9: Go to Home> Apps and then select the ‘Market’ icon to launch it. Sign it to Google (this is necessary as the process will not work without this step).

10: Once you are signed in, go back to the folder where you extracted the compressed file and there find the file ‘gplay.apk’ and tap to install it.

11: And you are done! Reboot the Kindle Fire once just to be on the safe side.


  1. Where to find system/app folder mentioned in point no. 6??

    • Hi Aaroh, if you use your File Explorer and go up as many levels as possible, you should find a “system” folder (amongst others). You should go into that and you’ll then find the “app folder” there. Let us know if you can’t find it and I’ll get some screenshots for ya.

  2. When I open ES File Explorer and go to the ‘Settings’ menu I see file settings, security settings, tools settings, system settings. I don’t see where I can select ‘Root Settings’ and check ‘Root Explorer’ while also allowing ‘Super User’, ‘Up to Root’ and ‘Mount File System’. Also to get properties of a file you need to click more on the bottom right of the Fire HD 8.9 but there is nothing that says Change Permissions or anything else you mention in step 7

  3. Im getting an error titled “Google Play Store has stopped.” Any ideas what that could be?

  4. Hi, when i going to make the point 6 the kindle tell me “Permission Denied” what can i do?

  5. Hi Will this work if your kindle isnt rooted

  6. I also have this error. Cleared cache but no joy- any more ideas? The guide worked great for me (til I tried to add google play- rest is perfect thanks). Oh also- my logos for the google apps are all fuzzy, any clue why?? Thanks for your time!

  7. Hello, i keep getting “permission denied” when i comes to pasting into the System/App portion. i’ve tried this a dozen times now. Suggestions? thanks.

  8. Along the same lines as question above about “root explorer”, i don’t have the other options either. Just for “root explorer” and it’s clicked ON. No other options. On my superuser app it says ES File Explorer status “allowed”. thanks again.

  9. Hi, I need to ask some dumb questions. I’m beyond new to this kind of stuff. i’d like to root my Kindle Fire. 1st question. Does this mess up any of the stuff that is currently on the kindle (apps, etc.)? If so, can you get that stuff back on there? The directions in your post on rooting look easy enough. My 2nd question is regarding the files you talk about extracting in step 3. Is that on the kindle itself or on my computer and then I connect my kindle? I told you I was new to this.

  10. Im getting an error that says, “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server.” any ideas?

  11. I have the same problem as Ryan. It is saying permission denied. My kindle fire hd 8.9 is already rooted, and it is already on superuser. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  12. (Sorry for last comment, I wasn’t thinking) Hi, I have a Kindle Fire 2nd generation, any guides on how to install the play store on version 10.4.8?

  13. Downloaded files from link. In es explorer will not open says bad file. Feel like I have wasted too much time just to get itv player

  14. If you do this, will you be able to make in app purchases? Or just “hack” the games onto the kindle? My son plays clash of clans on his kindle but can’t buy gems (which is apparently the end of the world). Thanks!

  15. I cant paste vending file to sysem/app folder

  16. I tryied to paste vending file to system/app folder and it says permission denied. it is rooted and has super user rights for ES explorier please help im almost there

    • ok i messed with it which took some guts… but I just clicked on root explorer and clicked one key and clicked on vending file and it said it installed it… I went to apps and there it was… the google play store but a game kept saying ( dress up ) has stopped working…. oh well

  17. ok i got the the google play store app installed but it looks diff then yours it looks like a white bag the a colorful play symbol in the middle.. i click on it and it wants me to sign in and I already have a google play account so i plugged in my info and in was communicating with there server. after about 30 seconds it said ( cant establish a reliable data connection to the server) ( this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues clal customer care…… I know my wifi works and i can serf the web and anything i want so im not sure why this error is happening, please help me out with this issur if you can thank you…

  18. I don’t have the market icon in apps. I’m using Kindle Fire 1st Generation 6.3.2. Any ideas? I carefully went through every step.

  19. Hey everything worked but icons of play apps are blurry and apps run blurry have a fix for this?

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