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How to use Helium Backup to Sync and Backup your Android smartphone’s data

Carbon Backup To Backup your Smartphone

How to Use Carbon(Helium) Backup to Backup your Smartphone:

Many of us ignore the need to back up our devices and keep putting if off until it’s too late. Mostly for Android users, this isn’t too much of an issue as Google always keeps backups of your contacts and calendar events in the cloud and also can back up your device settings if need be.

But sometimes that back up isn’t comprehensive enough for you and you look for alternate options to store your data. One of the most popular and reliable option in the market for this is the Titanium Backup, which comprehensively backups your data and has root privileges as well.

But that is a rather extreme application that may be too much for some users, and so we are going to introduce you to another backup application that is not as extreme and still comprehensive enough to fulfill all your backup needs; Helium App Sync and Backup.

In this guide, we will teach you about how you can use the Helium Sync and Backup to create backups of your data as well how you can use it to sync two Android devices.

The app was previously known as Carbon Sync and Backup and has recently been renamed to Helium Sync and Backup.

To Root or Not:


While Helium Backup doesn’t necessarily need a rooted device to function properly, but it does offer a few advantages. Be warned, that granting rooting a device is a risky proposition and you easily can wipe you phone clean during the process. But, if you feel brave enough to take that chance, there are rewards ahead!

A rooted device means that you can try alternative ROMs kike Cyanogen Mod or Paranoid Android. If you run Helium Backup on a rooted device and you have rooting privileges then you can start the app without the need to install the Helium Backup desktop agent and also backup the Wi-Fi profiles as well. If you haven’t rooted your device, then you will have to install the desktop agent and then connect your phone with the Helium Backup app to your computer via USB. You will be ready to use the app when the green tick appears on the screen and then you disconnect it from the computer.


Premium Version:

Most of the features that will be discussed here can only be unlocked when you go premium with the app. These features include device to device sync, backup schedules, and backing up to cloud. Even if you don’t like to buy apps, this one’s extra features make it a worthwhile candidate for your consideration.

Backing Up the data:

There are two tabs on the home screen of Helium Backup; ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore and sync’. Each of these tabs hosts a list of applications installed on your phone, with a tick box in front of them to select which ones to back up. You can backup settings of your Launcher, SMS store, user dictionaries and Wi-Fi profiles (only with root). There is also a control panel which you can swipe upwards to see its options. There is a ‘Select All’ and ‘Deselect All’ option along with the preview of all the apps you have selected up till then.


When a backup of your apps is created by Helium it also saves the APK files so that you don’t have to go to the Play Store to install them again. However, there is a downside to this, a sizable backup.  You can disable this feature by going to the control shade and selecting the option to backup ‘App Data Only’.


Once you are ready to start backing your data up, simply tap the ‘Backup’ button.

How to save backups:

When you are finally ready to backup, you will be given a list of destinations where you can save the backed up files. These destinations include internal storage or cloud accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. though only premium users can directly upload to Cloud. You can also schedule the backup you have configured to take place at a later time, specify the time and date. There is another feature by which the backup will only take place when you have Wi-Fi connectivity so that it can directly upload to cloud.


A clock in the upper toolbar allows you to review these scheduled backups and edit and delete them if you want. Once the backup actually begins, an Android system screen will appear for a few seconds where you can add a password to encrypt you data. However, you have to act fast as the screen disappears quickly. Also, remember the password, as otherwise you won’t be able to decrypt the backup.



When you head over to the ‘Restore and Sync’ tab, you will see a list of all the cloud locations your backup is stored on and also all the devices; internal storage or other Helium Backup clients that are running on your Wi-Fi. Helium backup recently implemented the support for multiple devices after having saved from multiple device to the cloud in one shared pool. You can access this change by taping the drop down menu at the top of the screen and then selecting a given cloud backup location. The list will have entries for the device you are currently using and also your shared backup storage. Files are saved in the Dropbox/Apps/ClockworkMod Helium subfolder in Dropbox and com.koushikdutta.backup folder in Google Drive.


Similar to selecting what to backup, you can also choose from the items available for restoration. After selecting, just tap ‘Restore’ and you data will be restored.

If you have encrypted your backup, you will be prompted for the password.

Restoring and Backing Up from PC:

Helium Backup agent comes with a complete web interface through which you can view the installed apps and settings of a given device via the browser.  To enable this, tap the Menu or “…” button and then select ‘PC Download’. The app will provide you with an IP address which you will have to enter into your Desktop browser to view the web interface. You also have the option to quickly enable or disable the server via the circular button present on the screen.


The web interface will allow you to select the apps you want to backup and then send a zipped file from your Android device to your PC via home network once you click ‘Start Backup’.


Restoration works in a similar way, locate the zip file of the backup and wither drag it onto the web page or go through file navigator. The files will be copied to your Android device via the home network.

However, this can take a while as the backup file even with only applications involved could potentially be hundreds of megabytes.

Synchronizing apps between Android devices:

In the Restore and Sync tab, tap ‘Refresh Device List’, this will cause the client to look for other Android devices on your LAN running on the Helium backup server. Tapping on any device will let you see its list of installed applications, so that you can select items and restore them to the device you are currently using.


This is a Pull rather Push method so you have the security that nobody can deliberately Push files to your device without your permission.


If you want a reliable solution for backing up your Android smartphone’s data that has the ability to backup you data, sync your apps and also settings, then Helium App Sync and Backup is a pretty good choice for you.

Download Helium Backup


[Via: Android Authority]


  1. When I enter the ip address it says that the website was not found… any idea why?

  2. I have a Question on the Restoration of Apps on a New Andriod Phone using Helium. Let’s say i had to return my Andriod Phone ( backed up the Apps data using Helium Premium to Google Drive) due to a defect and get a new Andrioid Phone of the same type in its place.Does this mean that i need to again purchase Helium Premium on the new one before restoration from Google Drive?Please let me know

    • Hi There,

      If you Purchased Helium backup Premium, backed up to Google Drive, then got a New Android Device, you would have to log into the Google account you purchased Helium Premium on, your new device. Then you WOULD NOT have to re-purchase.

      Example – – You buy premium helium, you then get a new device. You would simply need to login with on your new device and ALL your purchases are returned.

  3. I have an HTC One S and backed up all the apps/data via pc download and it produced this file. I’m trying to restore this backup on another HTC One S since the one backed up has issues. I tried to restore via the IP:port method and waited for hours and nothing happened. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to restore just via USB, where do I copy this “” file so the phone will find it via “internal storage” method. The new phone was connected as a hard drive and the file was copied inside this “carbon” folder. When I try to restore using internal storage, the phone says “No backups were found on your Internal Storage. Maybe you should make some!” Duh..hehe.

  4. Not sure what happened to my post left 2 days ago. It was about an HTC One S backup file called taken with a PC. When this file was copied via USB to another HTC One S that is replacing the former in a folder called “carbon”, Helium would complain that there are”No backups were found on your internal storage…Why don’t you try creating some”, when attempting a restore. Where to put this file so helium can find it on a restore and sync. What is the process to restore of a backup file taken from one phone to another?

    • Hi Eddie,

      I have often run into Problems like this with Helium, have you tried extracting the .zip into the Carbon Folder? Then keep both the .zip, and all the unzipped items in the carbon folder and see if that picks it up?

  5. My ASUS Transformer had an error showing the app list of my HTC Ond X phone. Visa versa no probleem. Please help.

    • Okay now the devices can find each other, but when I sync the ASUS with the HTC and restore an app from the phone to the tablet it just stops downloading after a while. Even when both devices are plugged in the PC. PLEASE HELP (paid for the premium version and would really like it to work).

  6. I purchased the Helium premium app to restore Paradise Island from google drive but it could not restore stating some error and log file is sent to developer. How can i recover :(

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