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How to Block Calls on Android Smartphones

How to Block Calls on Android

How to Block Calls on Android:

The age of mobile phones has put each and every person a phone call away from you. Some of these people are friends and family, some business associates and some acquaintances. But, there are other people from whom you may want a bit more distance than just a phone call. If they have your number, they can call you anytime they want. Thankfully though, modern phones provide you with the facility to simply block the contacts you would rather not take calls from.

In the guide below we will tell how to block calls from some of the most popular Android smartphones on the market and also introduce you to a few apps that perform similar functions.

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How to Block Calls on the Nexus 4:

Nexus 4 technically doesn’t have a call blocking feature but we can make use of its voicemail redirection as a stand-in for call blocker. To redirect calls from a certain contact, simply select him through the People app to open a menu and then select ‘All Calls to Voicemail’.

This will redirect all of that user’s call to voicemail. And if you don’t have voicemail subscription or haven’t set it up yet, the phone will simply reject calls from that contact.

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How to Block Calls on Xperia T and HTC One:

On these phones, call blocking is usually listed as ‘call barring’. This function can be accessed on both these phones by opening the ‘Settings’ menu and then selecting ‘Call Settings’. With these settings, you have the ability to block all outgoing, international, outgoing international roaming, incoming and incoming international roaming calls from anyone. Though you will need a barring passcode to get this feature to work.

There is an alternative way to block calls on the HTC One, which is through the Phone app. Just open the app and select ‘Blocked Contacts’. Then you can add anyone you want to the block list by taping the ‘Add’ button. The app gives you the option of blocking both a manual number and a pre-existing contact.

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How to Block Calls on Optimus G:

Call blocking in the Optimus G can be done by going to Settings > Call > Call Reject. From there you can either enable the phone to reject all calls or create a rejection list to only reject a few contact’s calls.

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How to Block Calls on the Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4 hosts a Reject List in its OS. To add a contact to the reject list simply open the contact’s page, tap the menu and select ‘Add to Reject List’. This blocks all the numbers that are associated with that contact. But, if you want to only block a select number from the contact’s assortment, there is an alternative way.

You will have to open the Phone app and then select ‘Call Settings’ and subsequently ‘Call Rejection’. There, tap ‘Auto Reject List’ to open the list and specify the exact number you want blocked.

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The Galaxy S4 also has a Blocking Mode which will let you limit phone calls at specified hours. Enable this by going to Settings > My Device and taping the ‘Blocking Mode’ option. This mode will reject all incoming calls so that you may hear no ring or vibration when you don’t want to be disturbed. You will be notified of the missed call so that you can contact them later. But if you want certain contacts to be able to reach you in that mode as well then you can add them in the ‘Allowed List’.


Android Apps to Block Calls:

In case you do not own any of these phones and want to know of other options utilizing which you can block calls then there are a number of apps then perform this function available for download in the Google Play Store. We will discuss a few of them below.

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Mr. Number:

Mr. Number is a great choice due to its freeware and ad-free nature. The app allows you to block unwanted calls and also texts from your phone. You can choose to put a few contacts alert ring on silence and also become totally inaccessible by calls and texts whenever you want.

If you live in the United States, then you can also make use of the Remote Lookup feature of the app which allows you to find information about an unknown caller. The first 20 lookups you perform will be free but after that you will have to pay $1.00 per 20 lookups, not exactly expensive. We will give you a general idea about how to use Mr. Number,

Download and launch the app:

Download Mr. Number

Verify your country of origin and type your country code along with your phone number. Tap OK to continue.

To access the Blocklist, tap the ‘No’ or prohibition symbol at the upper-right portion.

The Blocklist will contain three tabs: Hang Up, Voicemail and Exceptions. You can put blocked users in any of these categories. When you select Hang Up, the phone will automatically hang up whenever that caller calls while Voicemail will redirect their calls to voicemail.

The Exceptions tab can be used for placing contacts that are not be blocked or redirected. So, it is recommended to put all your friends and family in this tab.

You can add numbers to these tabs using a variety of metrics like Suspected Spam, all private/blocked numbers, all numbers beginning with, all numbers in contacts, all numbers not in contacts etc.

If you want to block a caller who had recently contacted you then you can do so directly from the app’s main page. Go to the ‘Recent’ tab and scroll through the recent contacts to block the number you want.

Whenever a blocked number tries to contact you, you will be served with a notification. You can access all of the blocked contacts history under the ‘Blocked History’ tab.


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Call Blocker:

Call Blocker is another free app that can be used to block calls. There are two versions of the app, the ad-supported one and the ad-free one. You can access the ad-free version and also get a few extra services by paying a subscription fee.

Here’s how the app works.

Download and install the app in order to launch it.

Download Call Blocker

On the main menu, you will see a ‘Blocked Calls’ button.  Access it.

Tap the ‘Add’ Button to add a contact.

You have the ability to block users through your contacts, call logs, SMS logs and even directly.

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Calls Blacklist:

The third popular Call Blocking app is Calls Blacklist. Like Call Blocker, it is free but ad-supported. The app is very simple in its functionality. Just install and launch it and then tap in the ‘Blacklist’ tab to put numbers there from Contacts, call and message logs and also manually.

Users put under the Blacklist tab won’t be able to contact you.

Download Calls Blacklist


These were a few popular Call Blocking options in the market. Use them to get rid of the headache caused by unknown callers and also to avoid a few contacts you don’t want to have contact with. Also, do inform us if there are other great apps for this purpose out there.


[Via: Android Authority]


  1. I’m afraid my phone is not of the same model. So what I do, I just contact my telephone service provider and have them block the numbers instead. It stops the calls. Then I report the caller’s phone number at to warn everyone else about the company’s unethical business practice.

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