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GooPhone; Whats with all the Buzz?

 GooPhone I5

GooPhones; Are they Good or Bad?

GooPhones have been around much longer than many people realize. We all know that big companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many others which use Android as their OS platform, but many of the common Android phone users do not know about the Goophone. For die hard Android fans, the Goophone is a phone company that has gained notoriety for making copycat smart phones from famous phone makers. But given with that kind of reputation, they actually make good and reliable smart phones.

If you look at their website, you will see a variety of clone phones from the Samsung and Apple that are just as good from the original makers. They made the infamous Android operated versions of the iPhone 5s for only $99, the doppelganger Galaxy Note that cost only $160 and the iPad mini for just $99! You will also see a lot more rip-off smart phones that are extremely very low priced compared to the original ones.

With this, many loyal users from the original makers that Goophone is cloning are the giving the “phone maker” bad reviews of their products for Goophone’s smart phones just looks as good as the original over-priced phones. If you have seen their Galaxy S4 rip off from their website, you will see that their phone will certainly be a head turner and you won’t see any difference from the original Samsung phone.

Another interesting strategy that Goophone does it that even before the original Samsung or Apple phone will be released, they have already made the clone months ahead and are ready to sell them. We really don’t know how they did they manage to pull it off, but they are doing it. There was once a story that Goophone tried to sue Apple when they released the iPhone 5 on which they have already made the product and it really looked like an original iPhone.

Tracking down information about this company is really a challenge for you will only see tidbits of information on the About Us page of their website. They claimed that they started way back in 2008 but was on business in 2011. They are proud to have a staff of 500 people on which there are 50 “scientifically minded” people who are the drivers “innovative” side of the company.  Lastly, they also claim that they manufacture high-end and military grade popular smart phones.

How Bad is Goophone?

Many die hard Samsung and Apple users will agree that this company is bad. To them, they don’t like Goophone’s idea of creating smart phones with lesser specs and to be sold at a very cheap price. This may be a very bad business model, but based on other reviews, some of their models are top rated and worth the price. Their X7, which is an HTC clone, is on the top of the list of cheap smart phones. You can buy this phone for only $247 and enjoy a 5-inch smart phone, with 1080p FHD display, 1.2GHz quad core processor, 1GB RAM, with a MicroSD slot, and runs with the not-so latest Android 4.2. Not bad at all!

The latest news about this company is that they are about to release the most affordable quad core device in the world, the X1 phone, which you can buy at $81. It may have a much lower spec of just 512 MB and runs on Android 4.2. This seems crazy but compared to the HTC One S, but it is a more superior product.

With these kinds of products, we can assure that there will be more and more haters of this company as they keep on releasing cheap copycat Smartphones all over the world. But whether you like it or not, they do have a cult following of loyal fans who love getting lower priced phones the functions as nearly as the original.

What are your thoughts about the GooPhone?

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