Thursday , 15 May 2014
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Google Play Update v4.3.10; Available for Download Here

Google Play Update v4.3.10

Google Play Update v4.3.10 now Available to download:

Tonight Google is releasing its newest version of the Google Play Store, Version 4.3.10. There are a few additional features to mention in this small(ish) update. The new Google Play update comes in at 5.75MB in size, which is a little smaller than the previous version which was 5.84MB.

As usual, Android Police has gone ahead and torn apart the new APK to see what’s new in this release, which revealed a few new changes. The most obvious addition is the Recently Updated section. So instead of all your apps being in alphabetical order, it’s now sorted by recently updated, which is nice to see. Especially for those of us that have a bunch of Apps installed. I have about 30+ apps on my device, which can be a struggle to sort through sometimes. I’m a big believer in simple, minimalistic layouts to aid productivity.

Google Play Update v4.3.10

They’ve also re-vamped the update notifications, to make them combined. As you can see in the screenshot above, the 3 updated apps are now in one notification instead of three separate ones. That’s definitely something I like, as I leave my app updates until I have a few, which then floods my notification bar with update notifications. There’s also new episode notifications in the new Google Play Update. You also get “Play” and “Download” options for the new episode in Google Movies, which is definitely useful.

Some other minor tweaks in the new Google Play Update include the buy and rent buttons in Google Play Movies & TV switching. Additionally the Wallet logo is now gone when you purchase items from the Play Store. Which could mean the end of Google Wallet? Which we’ve kinda been guessing at lately since Google Wallet isn’t compatible with the new Nexus 7. Android Police is also reporting that the new Google Play Store will now offer to install Google Play Games when you’re installing a game. It may not be live quite yet, but the code is there for this to happen. Which isn’t a bad idea by Google.

Like we said already, the update is about 5.75MB in size. Yes we also have download links down below. One is on Copy, the other is on Google Drive. If either of the sites go down, or no longer work, be sure to leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to upload it somewhere else for you.

Download Link 1 Download Link 2


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