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Google Glass Price Tag Rumors Emerging

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Hints of a Google Glass Price Tag Emerge;

We have been waiting on the Google Glass for a long time. The product, ever since its announcement, has courted intense public interest due to the nature of its architecture and its promise of revolutionizing wearable computing and making it hip.

Google began shipping out these wearable curiosities this April to developers who had registered and paid an extravagant $1500 price tag for them. But still, the Wall Street nor the tech community have solid information about when the Google Glass will actually be made available to the general masses and not just to developers.

When the Google Glass was being shipped out to developers in early April, many bloggers agreed that if these glasses were priced for $1500 at their public launch; people may decide to skip them altogether due to this high price tag. Google later said that the company plans to bring the price tag for the Glass down considerably before it goes public with them.

And now reports have emerged citing a statement by a Taiwanese topology researcher by the name of Jason Tsai in which he says that the Google Glass is expected to carry an initial price tag of $299.

He based his statement on the fact that likely the most expensive part being utilized to make Google Glass will be its display component costing between $30 and $35 and manufactured by Himax Display Inc.; a company in which Google bought a 6.3 percent stake on July 22nd.

This news had the tech community rejoicing and singing Google’s praises but then Yahoo decided to jump in and dampen the party down a little bit. Citing sources close to the Google Glass team, the website reported that though the final price tag of the Glass is still unknown, they are sure that it will cost you more than $299. This correlates with a previous New York Times report in which it was said that the Glass is expected to be priced in the same ball park as a high-end smartphone; so possibly $600 to $800.

Now, we don’t know which of these reports is true but you can’t exactly blame us if we root for Jason Tsai on this one.

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