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Google fixes the annoying “Package file is invalid” bug in Google Play

Page File is Invalid Google Play

Google Finally Fix “Package File is Invalid”;

For more than a week now, the Google Play store has been the victim of an annoying bug that seems to affect users and apps at random, it began to appear after Google rolled out the newest version of its Google Play app. It strikes when somebody downloads an app or tries to update a pre-installed one, users get a “Package file is invalid” error and they are forced to re-download it. When reports started emerging of this issue and were confirmed as more than just user errors and something wrong with the Play store itself, people tried to pin down which devices or Android versions were being affected by this only to find out that it acts sporadically. Sometimes you encounter the error and then re-download the package and everything is all right, other times it doesn’t get resolved.

So naturally, walkarounds were sought but none were found. A few did report that the issue is resolved when one switches their connection type i.e. from Wi-Fi to mobile data etc. but apart from that nothing substantial was found.

To show users that they are aware of the problem and are working on it, Google Support put up a page titled Package File Invalid error (#10230007) as a means to keep the Android community updated about the situation and to inform them when a solution is found.

And today Google Support changed the status of the issue to “resolved” thus signaling that they have indeed taken care of the problem. That is good news for users who will be happy to know how quickly Google acted to get this done.

Are you still running into the “Package file is invalid” error or has the issue been resolved? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Via: Android Authority]


  1. Package File is invalid for me this October 1, 2013. I’ve cleared the data and cache of the Google Play Store app from Application Manager, rebooted, and tried connecting to GP from desktop to submit wireless to the phone but no go.

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Android OS 4.1.2)

  2. i am getting the package file is invalid error for more than a week now and i cant seem to find a solution to this.

    • Hi :) – Have you tried downloading and flashing a different Google Apps Package? Also, have you tried foroce closing, clearing data and cache, and then re-opening and trying again?

      Finally, you could try to login from a computer and push the app? (NOT a great solution I know, but may help).

  3. This issue hasn’t been resolved in my case. When I tried to download a few apps I got this error.

  4. 10.8/13 – 2 day old Note 3 and STILL getting package file is invalid whenever connected to WIFI. Appreciate google’s attempt at a “swift” fix, but 2 months after they’ve labeled it as fixed and it’s still not working…

  5. Omg im about to break my phone!!! Package file invalid!!!

  6. Package file is invalid for its more than a week.
    Device-samsung galaxy ace 2

  7. Running into this problem on Galaxy devises. Finally got to update some apps on my phone today, but still having trouble with 3 apps. Now my error is unknown error code during application install: “960″. Any fixes for that?

  8. using sony phone. tried upgrading many apps but in the end i get “package file is invalid” and some times i use to get while installation “unknown error 960″

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