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Google Announces Helpouts; Receive Support from Experts

Google Helpouts


Google Helpouts;

Many of us have often came across a problem that has stumped our work thus making us wish that we had an expert at hand who can help us out in this situation.  If you are one of these people then you would be happy to know that Google is working on a service which will let you do exactly that; gain expert assistance.

The venture is called Helpouts which is an obvious play on words for the Google+ term ‘Hangouts’ and it will let you gain expert advice, though at a price.

The whole idea is that people with expertise in their certain fields will sign up with this service and provide Google with their qualifications, availability and also rates so that whenever a user needs help in that field, they can be matched up with a person who is well versed in it. The expert and the user will communicate through a live video chat with the expert getting their fee through Google Wallet out of which Google will take a 20% commission. In case a user is unhappy with the service, Google will provide them with a 100% refund.

The experts also have the ability to turn their assistance into a sort of multi-level course complete with additional helping material to go along with the video chats.

Google has tied in the service with Google+ making a blatant attempt to push its social media platform which even with 500 million users hasn’t been able to put a dent in the popularity of the 1.1 billion strong Facebook.

Though the service hasn’t been launched yet, sifting through the support pages showed that the Helpouts will works on all computers, Androids smartphones and also the iPhone. If you are looking to get in as an expert or are just a curious user, you can request an invite at the main page of Helpouts so that you could be notified when the service becomes live.

This is an interesting venture from Google and one that has the potential to be a great one if the company can get enough experts from a diverse number of fields to sign up.

If you want, you can sign up here.

[Via: Android Police]


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