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Give your Smartphone the Mahogany Look

Mahogany Nexus 4

Anyone a Fan of Mahogany Smartphones?

Mahogany wood has become a symbol of wealth among many people as the furniture crafted from it is quite expensive and amazingly beautiful. It derives its beauty from the beautiful grain and the deep reddish brown color which gives the furniture made from it the quality of looking timeless and classy. Also, they smell fantastic.

If you are looking for Mahogany wood you should elsewhere but if you are looking to endow your smartphone or tablet with the same timeless quality, we can help you with that.

You can achieve this Mahogany look on your phone with the help of precision-fitted device mahogany skins, though you will have to imagine the smell yourself. A company by the name of dbrand is now in the business of making such skins for your phone as it has just made available the mahogany versions of its skins for all devices and let us the say, the overall affect is impressive. Your phones back look like as if it is made of wood and all the imitation is perfectly done giving off a great impression.

If you think that using skins on your phone is a bad idea as they sometimes leave a residue then we assure you that the skins created by dbrand do no such thing. They are all made out of 3M vinyl tape which you can easily remove from your phone without the fear of residue, though with the Mahogany skin, we doubt you would want to do that.

For some devices, you will even be able to buy a skin that has cutouts for the logo at the back e.g. with the Google Nexus, you can buy a cutout skin that handsomely accounts for the Nexus logo at the back that instead of hiding the logo, complements it. But, if you do not want a cutout skin, you have the option to buy a non-cutout version as well.

Pricing for these skins vary according to the size of the device hence making the skins of tablets a little more expensive than the skins for phones. Skins that have cutouts also cost a bit more than the standard versions. If you are interested, checkout the whole collection of dbrand skins here.

[Via: Android Police]

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