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Dots for Android – An enjoyable walk down memory lane

Dots for Android / iOS


Dots for Android; Simple and Addictive

Remember those days at school when just sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher drawl on turned into something you just did not want to do? Well for us that was always the case and so we had found a bunch of other diversions to help us kill time. One such amusing diversion was to play a bunch of paper games with our friends. Dots was one of the most popular of these games. In it, you draw a grid of dots on a piece of paper and then you and your friends can start playing by connecting two dots either vertically or horizontally in a bid to complete a box. The player with the most boxes wins!

Revisiting such games makes us nostalgic about the good old times. Maybe that is the reason the mobile iteration of this paper game titled ‘Dots’ has turned into such a massive hit. It was released on the iOS store two months ago and since then gone on to amass 5 million downloads. Sadly, Android users were left out in the cold at that time but that has now changed. The game has made its debut on the Android platform and is now available for download both on the Google Play and the Amazon App Store.


This mobile version of the game is able to successfully keep all the original’s addictiveness of the game while also adding single mode functionality for you to enjoy it without the need of a partner. The multiplayer aspect may be gone but the game makes up for it with its intelligent design.

There isn’t a lot of complexity to be encountered while playing Dots. You have two modes you can choose between; a sixty second mode where you have to connect as much dots as possible or a thirty second one where you have to score as much points as you can thus making this game great choice if you are in need of a quick diversion.

But if you want the game to be a bit more interesting, the creators have introduced an in-game currency for you called ‘Dots’, yeah. Using this currency you can earn special powers, you can either earn these dots or spend a bit of real money to get them. But these are just side distractions and you can simply ignore them if you want.

So if you want a bit of a walk down memory lane then we urge you to install this game and cackle with delight as you get swooped in by its sheer simplicity and addictiveness.


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[Via: Android Police]

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