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How to Enable Chrome For Android’s latest Tab UI

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Chrome for Android Beta has New Tab UI

Beta’s are a great way to introduce a product to the customers so that they may test it and provide you with feedback that you can use to further hone your product. But, it comes with a warning on the customer’s side, as the betas are not fully finished products and may have some issues that may prove problematic for you to handle.

Google Chrome for Android is a speed demon of a browser that combines easy navigation, voice search and a fast streamlined interface with HTML 5 support. Its first stable version was launched a little over a year ago and now we are witnessing an evolving product that becomes better and better with each new update.

A new beta has been made available of the Google Chrome for Android and so we went on a little test ride with it and found the experience promising to say the least. One great upcoming change in the browser is the new Tab page UI that seems to put much focus on achieving a minimalistic look without sacrificing any of the great features present on board. It achieves this by reducing the amount of clutter that resides at the top of the screen and surrender the spotlight to the main bread and butter of Google; Search.


Also, the most visited websites now occupy the bottom of the screen in a single scrollable row and the buttons that link to bookmarks and synced devices are present right above this scrollable row.




This whole renovation of the mobile browser and Tab UI make it even more easier for the users to access the features that usually are present on the home tab page.

Intrigued? If you are and would like to try out this new Tab UI in the beta version of Chrome for Android then it is very simple for you to do so. Simply go to chrome://flags/ and then search for “Enable the new NTP”. Once you have enabled this option, press the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the screen and get an early look.

Remember, you must have the beta version of the Chrome for Android installed in order to access these settings as they are currently nowhere to be found in the stable release of the mobile browser. Happy Exploring!

[Via: Android Police]

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