Tuesday , 4 August 2015
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CheapCast Released; Find Your Download Here



CheapCast Released to the World;

Yesterday, we reported on an app being developed by Sebastian Mauer which is supposed to function as a potential replacement for the Google Chromecast.

So why would people want an alternative to the relatively inexpensive Chromecast? Well, there could be a multitude of reasons. They may not want to spend $35 on a device that performs such a simple function, they may already have an Android supported TV set top box or other Android-powered device like Ouya and just want to upgrade them to include the Chromecast functionality or they might want to have the same functionality between two Android devices that do not have an HDMI output slot. An demo video of the Alpha version of the app that appeared on YouTube pretty much convinced us that this is a killer concept that would prove to be very popular among the public.

The Cheapcast emulator works on just about any Android device as people have reported it to work on devices ranging from the Android gaming console Ouya to even the now ancient and universally maligned Nexus Q media streaming device. So, riding on the wave of publicity received by the app in the last week, Sebastian Mauer has now unveiled the first public beta of the app and made it available for free download on the Google Play store.


The app works pretty much as we were made to believe it would though there are still some odd bugs and problems here and there that need to be worked out like issues in streaming from Google Music and Netflix, but that is to be expected in a beta release.

The one main issue that is hindering the Cheapcast from completely outshining the Chromecast is that unlike Chromecast, it doesn’t work with Google Chrome streams due to the web browser’s use of WebRTC.

Sebastian Mauer understands that for the app to truly take off, it has to get over all these issues and so in an attempt to speed up this process of evolution, he has announced that he will be making the code of the app public so that fellow developers around the world can work on the project as well in order to make it even better.

Download Cheapcast [Via: Android Authority]

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