Monday , 9 February 2015
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Best Apps to have around Campus

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Best Apps to have around Campus:

We are now only a few weeks away before we head back onto campus and begin a new term – or even our first term if you’re a fresher – at university.

In this tech-savvy age, you should not just be sorting out your living arrangements and tuition fees – there are so many apps available now that aim to make university life a lot less stressful and, of course, a lot more exciting.

Our selection of the best apps on the market have been picked to work on a wide variety of tablet computers, and will help whether you are in the lecture hall, studying at home or getting ready to hit the town and let your hair down.

iStudiez Pro – Available on iTunes 

Never get behind in any of your modules again, thanks to the iStudiez Pro app. Accessible on iPhone, iPad and Mac, this program makes it easy to map your classes, keep on top of any assignments that a lecturer has set, track your university grades and make even the busiest of schedules simple to follow. The app even automatically syncs across every compatible device you own for added convenience.

ReferenceME – Available on iTunes and Google Play 

No one likes to write the reference page of their essay but, unfortunately, it is an essential part of any university assignment. Fortunately, ReferenceME is a useful app that will give you an exact reference of a book, structured word for word just as the lecturer has demanded. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the publication you have used in an essay – the program does the complicated part for you!

Study Blue – Available on iTunes and Google Play 

Wave goodbye to that huge pile of post-it notes you rely on when studying for an important exam. The Study Blue app is made up of pre-installed flashcards that help to improve your vocabulary and grammar. What’s more, you can even upload your own flashcards based on the notes you have taken during lectures so that the program can be tailored to your specific needs.

DrinkOwl – Available on iTunes and Google Play 

Going to university is not all about studying and sitting in lecture halls – you’ve got to enjoy yourself at times instead of learning 24/7. When the time comes to go on a night out with your friends, ensure you have the DrinkOwl app handy. This program lists all of the bars and off-licences around your accommodation. However, the highlight of this app is the feature where you will be able pinpoint where all the drink offers are being held in your town or city.


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