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BBM For Android now in BETA Testing

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BBM For Android:

BBM For Android has been a topic for discussion for a while now, but the buzz died off fairly quickly.When it was first announced the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was coming to Android, everybody was quite excited, other than the odd few that just don’t like BBM for various reasons, which I won’t go into. Nowadays, BBM doesn’t hold such a grip over the Instant Messenger market as it once did, and is far from the market leader too! This all comes after cross-platform messenger apps, namely WhatsApp, now own a big chunk of these markets, on various platforms (iOS / Android). It’s hard for me to see what releasing BBM to the rest of the world of going to do for BlackBerry, I think it’s too late for BlackBerry.

BlackberryOS have managed to discover that the company, is now BETA testing BBM For Android, take a look at the leaked e-mail:

BBM For Android E-Mail

As is mentioned in the e-mail, only those running Android 4.0 or higher will be able to utilize the new BBM for Android, which again is kind of a shame as JellyBean has only just taken the top spot for Android Versions. We’ve also learned from Engadget  that we shouldn’t get to hasty, with an official comment being released from BlackBerry stating:

BlackBerry has begun internal testing of BBM on Android and iOS devices. We invited our employees to nominate friends and family to participate in a limited Android beta. Those slots are now full. For more information, please visit

I’m personally not fussed about waiting longer for BBM for Android, and that’s if I even use it when it is released. At least this way BlackBerry may iron out most of the teething problems it’s likely to face on release, meaning the average consumer should get a refined, and functional instant messenger client right from release.

That’s the thing really, BlackBerry, nor the consumers really know if there’s a need/place in the instant messenger market for BlackBerry any more, when, as we’ve said there’s already big players in the market like WhatsApp.

Are you looking forward to BBM for Android? Let us know in the comments.

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